Dr. Alberto Bordonaba - Orthodontist

Dr. Alberto Bordonaba, Orthodontist

Get to Know Dr. Alberto Bordonaba, Diamond Braces Orthodontist! 

Dr. Bordonaba is glad to be a part of the Diamond Braces team – and we’re so glad to have him! 

Dr. Bordonaba was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. Growing up, he wasn’t thinking about becoming an orthodontist – he actually wanted to be a mechanical engineer and design cars for Audi! Unfortunately for Audi, Dr. Bordonaba is a people person, and he quickly realized he needed a career where he wouldn't spend all his time with only papers and numbers. He liked the interpersonal aspect of dentistry, and eventually switched careers to become a dentist. 

After attending dental school in Barcelona, Dr. Bordonaba moved to upstate New York, where he finished a second round of dental school in Rochester. He decided on orthodontics because the long-term relationship with the patients during treatment appealed to him: “After those years of treatment, you get to see them looking at the mirror and smiling wide for the first time ever – it’s very fulfilling!” He went on to a master’s program in oral-facial and TMJ specialty, and finally, orthodontics! Now he’s happy to be an orthodontist with Diamond Braces. 

When he’s not working, Dr. Bordonaba is the proud dog-dad to his one-year-old Golden Retriever, Bleeker! They like to walk, hike, and run together. He also loves yoga and grabbing coffee with his friends. 

Dr. Bordonaba encourages people to consider orthodontic treatment. “Whenever you look in the mirror, do you smile wide and say, ‘I love it’?” If you don’t, then you should come get treated! It’s more than about aesthetics, he reminds us: “It’s about overall, long-lasting health.” 

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Dr. Bordonaba – we’re so happy you’re a part of our team.  

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