Dr. Shenjuti Chowdhury - Orthodontist

Dr. Shenjuti Chowdhury, Orthodontist

Get To Know Dr. Shenjuti Chowdhury, Diamond Braces Orthodontist!

We’re so glad to have the talented Dr. Chowdhury on our team. This hard-working mom is an integral part of Diamond Braces! 

Originally from Bangladesh, Dr. Chowdhury moved to New York with her family in 2001. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Barnard College, and her dental graduate school at Columbia University. Finally, she completed her orthodontic residency at Rutger’s University. 

Dr. Chowdhury has a very personal experience with the transformational power of orthodontic health care. She was born with a cleft palate, a common condition where the lip and mouth do not fully form in utero. As a small child, she had surgery and orthodontics to correct her palate, and the experience inspired her to become an orthodontist. “I want to instill the same confidence in my patients and give the gift of a beautiful smile.” 

She has a busy patient load at Diamond Braces, but she’s busy at home, too, with two toddlers! Her family loves to spend time together and travel when they have free time. They recently visited Niagara Falls, as well as Cancun! She doesn’t always have time to watch TV, but she’s loving catching up on Orange Is the New Black – better late than never!

She recommends orthodontic treatment, not just for the beautiful smile, but for the overall health of your whole body. “A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body,” she tells us. We couldn’t agree more, Dr. Chowdhury. 

We’re so glad Dr. Chowdhury is a part of our Diamond Braces team! Thanks for sharing your amazing story.

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