Dr. Eliana Sarit - Orthodontist

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Get to know Dr. Eliana Sarit, Diamond Braces Orthodontist!

Dr. Sarit came to New York by way of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where she was born. She eventually moved here to the U.S., and completed her dental school at Columbia University.

During her dental school, she shadowed a few orthodontists, and was surprised to see how happy people were to come in and see their orthodontist, and how excited they were to see their progress straightening their smiles. This inspired her to become an orthodontist herself, and she completed her orthodontic residency at Temple University in Philadelphia. She loves to see her patients grow over time and get to know their families as they achieve great smiles.

When she’s not helping her own patients straighten their teeth, Dr. Sarit loves being active, especially hiking outside. She also recently started a new hobby: kickboxing! She likes to practice a few times a week before heading to work in the morning. She also loves to cook, and while she doesn’t watch much TV, she does have one favorite show, which she grew up watching in the 90s: Grey’s Anatomy!

She thinks the confidence you gain from getting braces makes a huge difference in people’s lives. She sees it with her own patients: as treatment helps their teeth get straighter, their confidence grows too! “It really affects you as an individual,” she adds. “In a positive way.” New technology has made orthodontic treatment easier than ever – so she encourages people to come in and get their teeth straightened!

Thanks for being a part of the team, Dr. Sarit – we’re so happy you’re a part of Diamond Braces. 

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