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Braces & Invisalign

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Reasons You’ll Love Us

Choosing a beautiful smile is easy - but insurance can be complicated! Don’t worry, Diamond Braces has you covered. We accept most orthodontic coverage insurance and are happy to answer all your questions. We’ll be here to help every step of the way on your journey towards smile joy.

High-Quality Orthodontists Near You in Warrington, PA!

Diamond Braces officially makes its mark on the Keystone State with its flagship office in Warrington, PA! We’re bringing our world-class orthodontic care to Montgomery County and Bucks County for patients in need of a straight and healthy smile. Come visit our orthodontist in Warrington, PA today.

If you’re not familiar with us, Diamond Braces is a proven and experienced provider of braces and Invisalign treatments. We are proud to offer prices 30% lower than the national average, flexible payment plans for qualified customers, low monthly payments, and we accept most insurances.

We believe orthodontic care should be affordable and accessible for patients of all backgrounds, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure you or your loved ones can get the orthodontic care they need. Give us a call at (267) 486-3337 or book a consultation to take the first step towards a beautiful smile!

Adult and Kids Braces in Warrington, PA

For individuals who want to straighten their smile using the tried-and-true method, Diamond Braces in Warrington, PA offers braces for both kids and adults. For centuries, braces have corrected many common orthodontic conditions and can be relied upon to correct whatever issues appear in your mouth.

Braces are more cost-efficient when compared to other aligners but are more visibly noticeable to the naked eye. However, braces can be customized through the use of colored bands to show off your school spirit or cheer on your favorite sports teams.

Our orthodontists have years of experience perfecting teeth and will do a thorough examination of your mouth. Then, they will devise the best treatment plan possible for your case. Schedule a consultation today to meet one of our friendly neighborhood orthodontists and learn how they can help straighten your smile.

Metal and Ceramic Braces for Adults

It’s never too late to get the smile of your dreams. Diamond Braces offers metal and ceramic braces for adult patients of all backgrounds. Metal braces are the traditional method of straightening smiles that you’ve no doubt seen for decades.

Ceramic braces are also available from Diamond Braces. The brackets are made from a specific ceramic polymer, which gives them a more natural look when they are on your teeth. These braces are for people who care more about how they look. This makes them less noticeable than their metal counterparts.

All of our treatment plans are 30% cheaper than the national average. Qualified people can pay only a small amount each month. We also accept most insurances to help keep costs low.

Kids Metal and Ceramic Braces

Kids can get the same braces treatments as adults and receive the same high-quality care, too! Kids love braces because they’re able to choose their colored bands, giving them some control over how they progress with treatment.

For kids that don’t want the traditional look of braces but may have issues with compliance, ceramic braces offer a great middle-ground for parents and children alike. These braces are made to be less conspicuous than metal braces but aren’t removable, meaning your child won’t forget to put them back on after sports or eating meals.

Invisalign Clear Aligners for Adults and Kids in Warrington, PA

Adults and Teens looking for a more discreet and comfortable orthodontic appliance can rejoice — Diamond Braces offers Invisalign clear aligner therapy! Invisalign clear aligners are a revolutionary orthodontic appliance that can be removed and re-inserted in order to eat, brush, floss, and rinse.

Rather than pull teeth into proper alignment, Invisalign aligners gently push teeth into place. This more natural method of moving teeth combined with its smooth, flexible material designed just for orthodontics make Invisalign aligners a comfortable and predictable experience for patients and doctors alike.

Speaking of doctors, ours are Invisalign experts. All of our orthodontists are certified Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers. This means they have the most experience and can give the best treatment.

Worried about paying for your Invisalign aligners? Learn more about Invisalign costs and how you can fit Invisalign treatment into any budget.

Invisalign Aligners for Adults

Adults in need of orthodontic care can consider Invisalign treatment to straighten their smile. Invisalign aligners are made for adults of many backgrounds. Whether you’re actively biking through the city, working with customers, or getting photographed regularly, Invisalign aligners are perfect for you.

Invisalign Aligners for Kids

Why should grown-ups have all the fun? Diamond Braces offers not one, but two types of Invisalign aligners for kids.

For teens who need to straighten their smile in style, Invisalign Teen aligners are available. Invisalign Teen aligners are made with growing Teen mouths in mind and will grow with your teenager.

For little smiles, Diamond Braces also offers Invisalign First aligners. Invisalign First aligners are designed for children in need of Phase 1 treatment as they lose their baby teeth and have to make room for their adult teeth.

Our world-class Warrington orthodontist office is ready to help you get the Diamond smile of your dreams. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step on your smile journey!

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