Why is My Lip Swollen from Braces? - Video Guide

Is your lip swollen or irritated from your braces? In this video, Diamond Braces Orthodontist and Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Oleg Drut explains why your lip might be swollen from your braces treatment.

Can Braces Cause Lip Swelling?

Yes, braces can cause lip swelling.  This may happen at the beginning of the treatment as your mouth get used to the braces.  But it can also happen in the middle of treatment. There are a few reasons lip swelling or irritation may happen due to braces.

Generally, this is caused by the braces rubbing against the lip or inside of the cheeks.  Your mouth reacts by getting swollen, inflamed, red, and/or tender.  This could be because a piece is loose: for instance, a wire is poking out, or a bracket has come loose.

Check to see where the braces are rubbing against the swollen area and see if something is amiss.  If so, check here for what to do about orthodontic emergencies or loose braces.  You can add a ball of wax to protect the area, or just leave it alone and see if the swelling goes down.

person wearing metal braces

Lip Swelling Can Be Caused by Allergic Reaction to the Braces

In certain cases, lip swelling is a sign you have an allergy to the metal in the braces, likely nickel. This is rare, but it does happen. I f you are allergic to nickel, the metal braces are not a good choice, and instead, you might opt for ceramic braces, nickel-free braces, or Invisalign clear aligners.  Learn more about the various braces options to see which are right for you!

If you are concerned about lip swelling or irritation, contact your orthodontist. They will examine the area and determine what is happening and how to proceed.

Most Swelling from Braces Goes Away Quickly!

Did you know? Your mouth is one of the fastest healing parts of your body!  Swelling or inflammation is your body’s way of reacting to new or unpleasant experiences, so your mouth may react when your braces are first put on.

At first, your body will think the braces are a foreign object and your lips, gums, and cheeks may be irritated while it adjusts. But after a few days, your mouth gets used to the braces, and the swelling should go down.

After a few days, you probably won’t even notice it anymore.  But if swelling persists, or you think you are allergic to the braces, contact your orthodontist for more help.