Can I Whiten My Teeth While Wearing Braces? - Video Guide

One of the most common questions people have for orthodontists is whether they can whiten their teeth while wearing braces. The answer is, yes and no. Confused? In this video, Diamond Braces orthodontist Dr. Jacy Papasikos explains!

To Prevent Staining, Leave Comprehensive Teeth Whitening for After Braces Treatment

The most effective, comprehensive, or professional teeth whitening procedures should be done after braces treatment.

That’s because, to be most effective, teeth whitening needs to be able to cover all surfaces of your teeth. Dentists often whiten teeth by creating special bleaching trays, but these need to fit over your teeth without brackets getting in the way.

To avoid this problem, it’s best to wait until your teeth are straight and your braces come off for comprehensive, professional teeth whitening.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Work Well with Braces!

You can still whiten your teeth while wearing braces! There are several kinds of over-the-counter teeth-whitening products that are compatible with braces treatment.

Products like Crest White Strips can be used with braces and are effective in teeth whitening.  Products like these will work around your braces without too much interference.

For best results, you should consult with your orthodontist and/or dentist before pursuing any whitening treatment.

Which Teeth Whitening Products to Use with Braces?

There are a lot of products on the market that can help bleach and whiten your teeth while wearing braces. Some whiten the tooth by penetrating its enamel, while others are more focused on the buildup and stains on the exterior of your teeth.  Talk with your orthodontist about which is best for you.

Some toothpaste brands include natural whiteners: these can help get rid of stains and lighten the teeth. These kinds of toothpaste are completely safe to use with braces. They will not cause discomfort or make your teeth more sensitive.  Learn more about toothpastes to use with braces .

Crest White Strips and similar brands will help you to whiten teeth with braces on. Once they are off, you can pursue more comprehensive professional whitening from your dentist or bleaching service.

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Regular Brushing and Flossing are Key to White, Healthy Teeth

The best thing you can do to protect your teeth and keep your whole mouth happy and healthy is to brush your teeth regularly! Oral hygiene is crucial if you want your teeth to look healthy and white.  Brushing twice a day and flossing every day are crucial to keeping your teeth white and strong.

You need to make sure you brush under the wire, around the brackets, and between each tooth. Use a toothpaste fortified with fluoride, as well as a whitener if you prefer. Proper brushing and flossing will reduce plaque build-up and other bacteria growth, which can cause staining and discoloration.  And if you still want teeth whitening when the braces come off, it will be easy to seek professional whitening without the brackets on your teeth, leaving you free to whiten them post-treatment.