Choosing an Invisalign Doctor

Interested in Invisalign aligner therapy to straighten your teeth?

Great choice!

Invisalign treatment has helped millions of people achieve straight teeth and beautiful, healthy smiles. The clear aligners are safe, comfortable, and discreet, providing a subtle and non-invasive treatment method with results built to last.

But there’s one important thing to remember: Invisalign treatment doesn’t straighten your teeth. Your orthodontist does.

Clear aligner therapy is an orthodontic treatment tool used by a licensed, experienced orthodontist to straighten your teeth. When it comes to a great, healthy smile, the orthodontist you choose is the most important part of your treatment!

This guide will help you select an Invisalign doctor who can provide you with the Invisalign treatment you need for the smile you deserve.

GET YOUR SMILE FROM  A Licensed Orthodontist, Not a General Dentist

Get Your Smile from

A Licensed Orthodontist, Not a General Dentist

Did you know? Orthodontists are dentists, but dentists are not orthodontists. There’s actually a big difference between dentists and orthodontists. That’s because orthodontists receive additional education to become licensed practitioners of orthodontia. They’ve received specific training in the safe and effective movement of teeth, and their practice is 100% dedicated to the art of healthy teeth alignment.

Dentists, while legally allowed to provide orthodontic care, lack the specialized training of orthodontists. Since their practices are usually devoted to many kinds of dental care, they spend less time straightening teeth than orthodontists.

Treatment costs are generally lower at an orthodontist’s office, as well: higher case volume usually lowers costs for all patients, whereas a dentist’s office will need expensive equipment and tools for just a few cases at a time.

Invisalign aligners, like all medical devices, is a tool in the hands of a professional: the more experienced the professional, the more successful the tool will be for your health and your smile. Therefore, it’s best to seek treatment from a licensed, experienced orthodontist in a dedicated orthodontic practice.

CHOOSE YOUR  Invisalign Doctor Wisely

Choose Your

Invisalign Doctor Wisely

    Don’t be misled when looking for an orthodontist – it can sometimes be hard to tell whether the office is truly for orthodontic care.

    If the office offers services such as crowns, cleanings, or dentures, it is likely run by a general dentist. They may employ a part-time orthodontist for the occasional orthodontic case, but you’ll get faster results, with better access to tools and equipment at an orthodontist’s office, as well as more personalized care from a dedicated expert. Specialized orthodontists generally offer lower prices for orthodontic treatment, as well as lifetime smile guarantees not offered by general dentists.

    At your initial consultation, ask the doctor if their office performs procedures other than orthodontics. If the answer is yes, consider skipping that office and continuing your search for an Invisalign doctor that specializes only in orthodontics. Look for a doctor whose office looks something like this:


    TOP-RANKED  Invisalign Doctors Offer Greater Experience and Lower Costs


    Invisalign Doctors Offer Greater Experience and Lower Costs

    Some orthodontists don’t offer clear aligner treatments at all, while others use another brand of clear aligner instead of Invisalign.

    Invisalign is the original form of invisible clear braces, and they still lead the field in innovation and design. Invisalign is clinically proven to move teeth with greater precision and faster results than other clear aligner brands. If you’ve chosen Invisalign, be sure to find an orthodontist who offers real Invisalign™ treatment and is licensed to partner with the Invisalign brand.

    The more experienced an Invisalign doctor the higher quality the care you’re receiving. Plus, costs are often lower with higher-volume Invisalign doctors, so you save money, too.

    An easy way to find a licensed Invisalign orthodontists is to use the Invisalign Find a Doctor search tool. You can search for a local doctor by entering your zip code; Invisalign then ranks orthodontists by experience and skill.

    Invisalign ranks its partner orthodontists using the following certification system:

    Look for top orthodontists in your area: Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers have earned the highest certification for Invisalign skill, making them an elite group in the top 1% of orthodontists nationwide.

    If there are no Diamond Plus doctors in your area, Diamond doctors are also highly trained and experienced with Invisalign treatments.

    Bronze: Orthodontist has started 0-4 patients in treatment over 6 months.

    Silver: Started 5-23 patients in treatment over 6 months.

    Gold: Started 24-29 patients.

    Gold Plus: Started 30-59 patients.

    Platinum: Started 60-99 patients.

    Platinum Plus: Started 110-139 patients.

    Diamond: Started 140-199 patients.

    Diamond Plus: Started 200+ patients.

    The Invisalign system offers substantial discounts for high-volume orthodontists, which means lower costs for consumers. By finding a high-volume, high-experience Invisalign orthodontist, you’re getting better care for your smile, and better savings for your wallet!

    Remember to make sure to find treatment with an orthodontist and not a general dentist.

    INVISALIGN DOCTORS  Offer Exclusive Invisalign Technology

    Invisalign Doctors

    Offer Exclusive Invisalign Technology

    When you go to an experienced Invisalign doctor, you’re not just getting their expertise: you’re also getting access to patented technology and materials that can only be used by orthodontists delivering Invisalign therapy.

    The difference matters from the very first visit: rather than messy putty impressions, Invisalign doctors have access to iTero 3D-scanning to create instant, comprehensive 3D scans of your teeth and mouth. This allows your Invisalign doctor to instantly create a comprehensive, 3D model of your teeth, jaws, and root structures, which they use to diagnose your condition, then devise a custom treatment plan for your unique diagnosis.

    iTero scanning is one of the many technologies available exclusively to orthodontists partnering with Invisalign. Your Invisalign aligners are made of SmartTrack™ material, developed by Invisalign researchers using decades of biomedical research for optimal use in orthodontia. SmartTrack™ is clinically proven to move teeth 50% faster, and with up to 75% more predictability of movement, than other aligner brands.

    Made of a soft, comfortable multi-later polyurethane resin, SmartTrack™ material is molded into a series of aligners designed just to straighten your teeth, for a smile that is truly yours.

    Invisalign doctors also have exclusive access to SmartForce™ attachments, which offer critical assistance in moving your teeth effectively into their correct positions. SmartForce attachments are small holds, bonded to the teeth, to give the Invisalign aligners added grip. Attachments are extremely important for the success of clear braces treatment, and the patented technology used in SmartForce™ attachments is key to the industry-leading results of Invisalign therapy.

    When these world-class materials are used in the hands of a world-class Invisalign orthodontist, you can trust that your smile has the quality care it deserves.

    After all, your smile is for life: give it the industry-leading treatment that will ensure a healthy, confident smile to last for years to come.

    SKIP THE TELEDENTISTS:  Put Your Smile in the Hands of a Real-Life Invisalign Orthodontist

    Skip the Teledentists:

    Put Your Smile in the Hands of a Real-Life Invisalign Orthodontist!

    In recent years, several brands have cropped up offering DIY, at-home aligner kits, mailed to you at home. Rather than offering direct supervision from orthodontists in-office, these companies boast that they can fix your teeth without you ever having to visit a real orthodontist’s office.

    However, this claim is hiding some important info that can seriously affect the health of your smile. 

    In reality, there are significant risks to using clear aligner treatment without the face-to-face supervision of an experienced doctor. During diagnosis, a virtual dentist or orthodontist examines your teeth using pictures taken remotely and checks your mouth over a video screen, so they can miss critical issues or underlying conditions causing your dental issues. Failing to treat the whole issue can result in a treatment that is ineffective, or in some cases, even cause serious and permanent damage to your teeth.

    This can also happen during treatment, when virtual examination fails to catch problems with the aligners, leading to issues with treatment, including damage to the teeth, jaw, lips, and gums.

    Learn more about,

     potential problems from mail-order aligners.

    Thousands of unhappy customers have filed consumer complaints against these mail-order aligner brands, which failed to straighten their teeth or even caused permanent damage. The American Association of Orthodontists has also published a consumer alert regarding the use of these brands, largely because of the failures of supervision.

    When you seek invisible braces treatment from an authorized, experienced Invisalign doctor, in an actual orthodontist’s office, you are getting the benefit of state-of-the-art materials, as well as the peace of mind of professional, direct supervision.

    At every visit, from your initial consultation to the day you finish your course of Invisalign aligners, a licensed orthodontist will be there in person to make sure the treatment is going smoothly and your teeth are being corrected as planned. You’ll actually know your doctor by name, and you’ll be able to ask them any questions or voice any concerns, throughout the entirety of your treatment.

    This relationship is key to achieving lasting, effective results, and a smile that will keep shining for years to come!

    EXPERT,  In-Person Invisalign Treatment Leads to Lower Costs


    In-Person Invisalign Treatment Leads to Lower Costs

    Did you know? Clear aligner costs can vary considerably – and some companies may be hiding fees behind deceptively low prices.

    Before choosing your treatment doctor, be sure to research and compare costs. Make sure the price includes all the necessary components of treatment:

    Mail-order aligner brands offer low prices, but what’s actually included? Many of these brands do not actually cover important parts of treatment such as x-rays and retainers, so extra costs add up quickly. Be sure to ask what’s included in the price before choosing an orthodontic doctor.

    Insurance matters, too: treatment by an experienced, accredited orthodontist in a free-standing orthodontic office is more likely to be covered by insurance providers. Your insurance will likely cover a larger portion of your Invisalign costs, and the office will take care of billing up-front and directly, saving you money right away, rather than you having to negotiate a post-purchase reimbursement.

    Save money on a more experienced doctor by seeking Invisalign from an experienced orthodontist in a dedicated orthodontic practice!

    A QUALIFIED  Invisalign Orthodontist is Your Key to a Lifetime of Smile Joy

    A Qualified

    Invisalign Orthodontist is Your Key to a Lifetime of Smile Joy

    We hope this guide has helped you understand what to look for in choosing your Invisalign doctor.

    Invisalign clear aligners are a comfortable, safe, and effective method for straightening your teeth and achieving the smile you’ve been dreaming about. But the most important part of your treatment is the experienced orthodontist who will oversee your treatment!

    In summary, to avoid ineffective or damaging results with an inexperienced doctor, be sure to consider the following:

    • Find a doctor who is an orthodontist
    • Choose a Diamond or Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider (this locator tool can help)
    • Make sure you can meet with the doctor in-person when you visit the office
    • Find an orthodontist operating from a free-standing orthodontic facility rather than a general dentist’s office
    • Make sure there are no hidden fees: costs should include retainers and warranty
    • Make sure the office offers 3D-scanning technology, especially iTero 3D-imaging

    With your Invisalign care in the hands of a dedicated, experienced orthodontist, you can rest easy knowing your treatment is going smoothly, and your healthy, brilliant smile is on its way.