Is SmartTrack Material BPA-Free?

IS  SmartTrack Material BPA-Free


SmartTrack Material BPA-Free?

Yes, The SmartTrack material is BPA-free, ensuring a safer and healthier option. BPA, which stands for Bisphenol-A, is a chemical typically present in some plastics. However, with the BPA-free SmartTrack material, you are assured of a product free from this potentially harmful chemical. Our SmartTrack material is completely free from BPA. This makes it a safe choice. It is made of a safe, effective multilayer polyurethane resin, specifically engineered for orthodontic aligners.

WHAT IS THE  Typical Invisalign Treatment Timeline


Vivera Retainers Safe?

Vivera retainers help maintain your smile after clear aligner therapy. They are made from the same SmartTrack™ material as Invisalign aligners. This material is safe, without BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten. The retainers are comfortable and flexible, ensuring effective protection for your teeth.

These retainers are a key part of your set of aligners. They use advanced thermoplastic materials, similar to those used in aligner materials. While different from lingual braces, Vivera retainers are crucial for keeping your teeth in the right position. They ensure your smile stays beautiful for years.

IS  SmartTrack™ Material Safe for Kids & Teens


SmartTrack™ Material Safe for Kids & Teens?

Yes, SmartTrack™ material is 100% safe for kids, teens, and adults . The material is specifically engineered for use in orthodontic appliances and meant to fit comfortably and safely in the mouth for long periods of time without any health hazards. It is BPA-free and FDA-approved.

SmartTrack™ material is also durable and flexible, to minimize breakage or damage to the aligners during treatment. T hey are used in Invisalign Teen™ treatment, a specialized Invisalign program designed for use in growing mouths.  For teens who are athletes or extremely active, Invisalign aligners are an excellent option due to enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear.

CAN  SmartTrack™ Material Stain


SmartTrack™ Material Stain?

While SmartTrack™ material is designed to be effective and durable during your clear aligner treatment, it’s important to take care of your aligners throughout the course of your treatment.  Remove aligners while eating or drinking, and store them properly when not in your mouth so they don’t get damaged or lost.  Wash your aligners regularly , and brush and floss your teeth daily to prevent plaque and bacteria from building up between your teeth and the aligners, which can cause the plastic to be discolored or stained.  Drinking beverages (besides water) while wearing the aligners can also discolor them.

CAN  SmartTrack™ Material Break


SmartTrack™ Material Break?

SmartTrack™ material is a key component in Invisalign treatment, providing both flexibility and comfort. This high-quality material is durable, but it is important to handle it carefully to prevent damage or staining. For SmartTrack material staining prevention, always remove the aligners before eating or drinking. Store them in their case or, if necessary, in a napkin to keep them safe and reduce the risk of loss or breakage.

During your orthodontic treatment, adhering to the treatment process is vital. After brushing your teeth, reinsert the aligners to keep your treatment progressing smoothly. This approach is different from traditional metal braces and requires specific care to maintain the aligners.

If your SmartTrack aligners break or suffer damage, it's essential to contact your orthodontist immediately. Proper care of these aligners is crucial for the success of your treatment.

HOW DID  Invisalign Create SmartTrack™ Material

How Did

Invisalign Create SmartTrack™ Material?

Invisalign has invested significant resources in research and development to create their patented SmartTrack™ material and other innovative technologies. These advancements have made them a leader in the industry, resulting in outstanding treatment options and improved oral health. Align Technology stands at the forefront of these achievements.

The development of Invisalign's SmartTrack material innovation and other patented technologies didn't happen overnight. Align Technology, through substantial research and investment, has paved the way for exceptional treatment options and advancements in oral health.

SmartTrack™ material is the result of:

  • Decades of experience in biomedical technology 
  • 8 years of dedicated research 
  • Millions of dollars in research funding 
  • Over 260 materials tested for effectiveness in use

The result is a product clinically proven to provide more effective treatment and faster, more predictable results.

DON’T SETTLE ON YOUR SMILE:  World-Class Materials for a World-Class You

Don’t Settle on Your Smile:

World-Class Materials for a World-Class You!

The market now has many brands offering clear aligner therapy to straighten your teeth. These brands often use less expensive plastics. They also simplify their treatment technology to reduce costs.

For effective results, you should wear these aligners for about 22 hours a day. This approach shortens treatment times, making the process more efficient. Read more about what’s missing in off-brand clear aligners.

Diamond Braces exclusively teams up with the Invisalign system. This unique collaboration guarantees patients access to high-quality materials for effective results.

The Invisalign system's SmartTrack™ material is crafted for comfort and precise control. It applies constant forces to move the teeth. This leads to quicker treatment and predictable outcomes.

The SmartTrack™ material in the Invisalign system excels in moving teeth efficiently. Its design ensures constant force application, guiding teeth to shift accurately. Patients enjoy a comfortable and controlled treatment, thanks to this advanced technology. This system promises faster treatment and reliable results in tooth movement.