Invisalign Chewies: Usage Guide

invisalign chewies

What Are

Invisalign Chewies & How to Use Them

Invisalign chewies are a useful device that you chew on to close any air bubbles between your Invisalign aligners and your teeth. They improve the fit of your aligners and ensure they feel comfortable and work properly. Invisalign chewies are necessary only if the aligners aren’t fitting correctly, usually when you first switch to a new set. Most of the time, your aligners should fit perfectly, due to the superior fit of  Invisalign SmartTrack™ material .

Chewies are made of a soft plastic called Styrene Copolymer; they’re about the size and shape of a pencil grip or a cotton roll. They’re specifically created and designed for clear aligner treatment, to improve fit and comfort.

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When you first put on a new set of Invisalign aligners, they may not fit perfectly at first. Invisalign Chewies help work the aligners into a better fit. Simply bite down on a Chewie and chew for 5-10 minutes a day, shifting it around to different parts of your mouth, especially anywhere you feel or see air bubbles, which means the aligners aren’t snug against your teeth. You can chew on them as often as you need to, but they are usually used when adjusting to a new set of aligners.

The best time to use Invisalign Chewies is at night, before bedtime, to keep your aligners snug in your mouth while you sleep. Wash them with warm soap and water and reuse until they lose their shape and elasticity. Your orthodontist can provide you with a replacement package, or you can easily order more Chewies online.

Invisalign Chewie FAQs

  • 1 Can Chewies Speed Up My Invisalign Treatment?

    Invisalign Chewies will help keep your treatment on track for the fastest and most effective results. The Chewies help improve the fit of your Invisalign aligners, so they move your teeth the most effectively.

    Along with regular wear, routine thorough cleaning, and regular visits to your orthodontist, Invisalign Chewies are one of the things you can do at home to help your doctor achieve the fastest, most rewarding results with your clear aligner treatment.

  • 2 Are Invisalign Chewies Reusable?

    Yes, Invisalign Chewies are reusable. Chew them for 5-10 minutes a day, ideally before bedtime, and reuse the Chewie until the elastic gives out and the Chewie loses its shape. If you run out of Invisalign Chewies, you can ask your doctor for more, or easily order more online to be shipped to your house.

    Use Chewies or alternatives only when your aligners aren't fitting perfectly; otherwise, there is no need and your aligners will work just fine.

    Wash your aligners gently with soap and water after each use.

  • 3 What Are Some Alternatives to Invisalign Chewies?

    Invisalign Chewies are not the only way to improve the fit of your aligners. You also do not have to use Chewies: your aligners may adjust snugly over your teeth over the first day of wear without needing to use the Chewies.

    One popular alternative to Chewies are Movemints: these are edible mints that are designed to help adjust the fit of your aligners while keeping your breath fresh at the same time.

    Talk to your orthodontist about Movemints if you're considering these for your Invisalign treatment.

    Another simple alternative is a clean paper towel: roll to the thickness of your pinky finger and chew for several minutes to improve your aligner fit. Dispose of the paper towel after use; do not reuse it.

  • 4 Are Invisalign Chewies Edible?

    No, you cannot eat your Invisalign Chewies. They are made of soft plastic, perfect for adjusting the fit of your aligners, but not to snack on. If you're interested in an edible option,

    Movemints are an alternative that both adjust the fit of your aligners and keep your breath fresh using a specially designed, and edible, mint.