Brooklyn Basketball Player Slam Dunks With Metal Braces

Local Gravesend high school senior Anthony came to Diamond Braces on Avenue U Brooklyn NY seeing treatment for his crooked teeth. With expert examination from orthodontist Dr. Cohen, the orthodontic team quickly diagnosed Anthony’s condition: edge-to-edge bite with locked-out upper canines, and an open bite in the canine region. Both of these malocclusions, or bad bites, are treatable with orthodontic care, so the Diamond Braces team was happy to offer their services to Anthony.

Dr. Cohen devised his customized treatment plan with metal braces, and advised Anthony to follow all instructions to make sure the treatment went according to plan without any hitches.

Anthony Metal Braces Before and After

Even though he’s still in high school, Anthony turned out to be a disciplined and dedicated patient. He took good care of his braces by brushing and flossing daily, and being careful with his diet. As a member of his school’s basketball team, Anthony knows discipline and hard work, so he understood that following Dr. Cohen’s instructions would result in the healthiest smile and straightest teeth.

After two years, Anthony just visited the Gravesend office for debonding, or braces removal. He gave Dr. Cohen and his team a slam dunk for their results: he’s excited that his teeth look “so straight!” Our Brooklyn orthodontists work hard every day to provide winning smiles for all our New York patients.

Now that the braces are off, Anthony can focus on his beloved sport, basketball. With straight teeth and a great smile, his confidence got a boost, and he is ready to win every game. Dr. Cohen, a former basketball player, even gave Anthony some tips for his game, as well as tips on how to keep his smile in great condition for years to come. The most important tip is to wear retainers as instructed – we have a feeling Anthony will handle that as well as the rest of his metal braces treatment. And with a Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee, Anthony can be sure his teeth have a great team on the sidelines, to help if anything goes wrong.

Congrats Anthony, and good luck with the rest of your basketball season!