This High School Athlete Takes the Lead in the College Game with 6-Month Invisalign!

We caught up with Sheepshead Bay local, Michael, at the Avenue Z office in Brooklyn – he just picked up his second set of Invisalign clear aligners! Michael’s getting treated with Smilify, so he’s receiving a 24-week treatment to achieve his dream smile.

Michael heard about Diamond Braces from his friend, who’s getting her braces treatment here and recommended the Avenue Z office. He lives in Sheepshead Bay and was glad to receive treatment so close to home. He’s in high school and is excited to straighten his teeth before going to college. It’s always a good idea to start treatment as a teenager, so you can head off to college with your beautiful, straight smile! “Your smile is your first impression,” he tells us. We couldn’t agree more!

Michael is pleased with his treatment so far: “It’s no hassle, you just keep your aligners in a little box.” He was surprised to hear how quickly he could get straight teeth – only 24 weeks to a great smile with Smilify! He was happy to choose Invisalign over braces so he could still eat and drink whatever he wanted – but he’s still careful to take out his aligners when eating or drinking!

In his free time, this New York teenager enjoys playing sports for his Brooklyn high school. Throughout the year, he plays baseball, basketball, and volleyball. He hopes to attend West Point Academy for university, and ultimately join the armed forces. We know he’ll make a great cadet – with a great smile to boot!

Any advice for people interested in Smilify? “It’s a great option, he tells us. “It’s easier than braces – you can’t even tell they’re here!”

Thanks for checking in with us, Michael: we’re glad you chose Diamond Braces for your orthodontic treatment, and we look forward to celebrating your fantastic smile with you in 24 short weeks!

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