Mother and Son Delighting in Beautiful Smiles Thanks to a New Jersey Orthodontist!

Kimberley originally came to Diamond Braces South Plainfield New Jersey to achieve straight teeth with Invisalign. Dr. Jason Berk has been supervising her clear aligner treatment, and she’s loving the results so far. She’s been so happy with her experience with the Diamond Braces team that she had a new idea: she brought her son, Matthew, in with her to get braces!

The team was ready to add another patient to the roster: Dr. Berk got started right away designing an interceptive metal braces treatment program for Matthew, who at 8 years old is the ideal age for early intervention with lasting results.

Kimberley’s an executive manager, and she knows the power of a confident, radiant smile. She’s excited to see how the results of her Invisalign treatment will give her a boost in the office and in the rest of her life! She knew she wanted clear aligners for their subtle, discreet appearance, allowing her to achieve straight teeth and a healthy smile without the appearance of metal braces. Dr. Berk informs us that Kimberley has been a model patient – Invisalign aligners depend on careful cleaning and proper wear, and Kimberley’s managed her treatment just like she manages her accounts at work.

Even little Matthew has done a great job with his metal braces so far: he has a few months to go, but he’s done a great job cleaning and flossing to keep his braces clean and his teeth healthy. With some help from his mom, he’s been able to maintain proper braces care to achieve the best results. He says he looks forward to his great smile – and since he’s starting so young, he’ll be able to appreciate the results for years to come! The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children see an orthodontist beginning at age 7, to determine whether orthodontic treatment will help them achieve a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.

Both Kimberley and Mathew enjoy coming to our office – besides their expert treatment from Dr. Berk, the thing they both love is the complimentary Wi-Fi in the office! We definitely aim to create a AAA patient experience during treatment; WiFi is one of the many perks we offer throughout all our Diamond Braces New Jersey offices!