Sixth Grader Starts Journey to Straight Teeth with New Braces

Judith and Marcela came to see us to start orthodontic treatment and correct some crowding issues that presented in Judith’s growing dentition. Judith is currently in 6th grade and says that art is her favorite subject right now, though Mom joked it was math.

Judith received bracket-and-wire braces with royal blue bands, which she said was her “favorite color.” Her mother said she prepared for the visit with orthodontic installation videos on YouTube that might have contributed to some early afternoon jitters.

However, once she got in the chair, Judith was more than comfortable with the experience. The team at Diamond Braces assured her that braces were a great choice, letting her know that even we had braces once upon a time! “It wasn’t that bad,” Judith said about getting her braces put on. “It was over before I even realized it.” Judith also mentioned that while the braces felt weird at first, she knew that they’d need some getting used to.

Mom was thrilled to see her daughter getting braces, knowing the health benefits that come with braces. Remember, a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body, and braces contribute to improving digestion, chewing, speaking, gum health, tooth health, bone erosion, and even mental health concerns like self-esteem and confidence.

Judith assured future orthodontic patients to not worry about receiving braces. “It’s not really that scary,” Judith said about receiving treatment.

The family comes back for monthly checkups and is excited to give Judith the healthy, happy smile she’s always wanted.

Welcome to the Diamond Braces family, Judith and Marcela! We look forward to giving you the Diamond smile of your dreams.