Yet Another Smile Transformation: Success with Metal Braces in Hackensack, New Jersey

Jezebel is eighteen, a Hackensack local, and an avid softball player. Working as a cashier in a local grocery store, she started to feel concerned about her smile and her uneven teeth – as a customer-facing employee, she knew she could do her job better with a great smile. So she asked her coworkers for recommendations – and many of them suggested Diamond Braces in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Fast forward two years: Jezebel’s been with Diamond Braces for treatment for two years! She’s received metal braces treatment from Dr. Brent with the Hackensack team here in New Jersey. Today, Dr. Brent gave her the all-clear, and she got her braces removed! Jezebel was all smiles after her beautiful, straight teeth were revealed – she noted that this was definitely the best part of the whole experience. We’ve seen lots of patients experience their new smile for the first time and it truly never gets old. It’s always a delight to help our patients achieve their smile dreams with orthodontic care! We know the many benefits of a beautiful smile will help our patients thrive.

She is very happy with her results and has this to say about Diamond Braces: “Great staff and very good place if someone is looking to improve his or her smile and to get Invisalign or braces.” Thanks for the warm review, Jezebel: you were an A+ patient and we’re so glad we could help!

Now that she’s done with braces treatment, Jezebel will wear her retainers to protect the gains achieved from her metal braces. We know she’ll be as dedicated with her retainers as she was with her braces – because she’s truly committed to her beautiful smile and healthy bite achieved by her orthodontic care.

As we say goodbye to her, we add another beautiful smile to the world – and our work here is done. From all the orthodontists with Diamond Braces New Jersey: Congratulations, Jezebel!