Marius is Receiving the Best Christmas Gift: A Lifetime of Smiles!

We caught up with Marius at the Avenue U office in Brooklyn after her first bonding visit! She’s doing Invisalign treatment, so that means she got her attachments today and her first set of aligners.

Marius says she’s getting her smile straightened to make someone special happy: herself! “It’s really a treat for myself – my very own Christmas present!” What better holiday treat is there than the gift of a lifetime of smile joy!

Marius had long been unhappy with her teeth and was ready to start looking for a solution. She had an overjet, which means that her front teeth stick out past her bottom teeth. When she started looking for orthodontists, her mother’s friend, whose son had just finished treatment, had a recommendation: Diamond Braces! Marius’s been really happy with her experience so far at Diamond Braces.

She was a little worried going into her visit today, but was amazed at how easy everything was! “I was worried it would hurt a little, but there was no pain at all!” She’s also surprised at how discreet the clear aligners are: “I thought you’d be able to see them more – but you can’t see them!” Even with attachments, the clear braces are truly so subtle that you can barely see them.

It was important to Marius that she get a discreet treatment that was east to clean and not very noticeable. She works face-to-face with customers, at Barclay’s Center and at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop here in New York, so she wanted to keep her Invisalign is a beautiful, subtle orthodontic intervention that offers great results without the appearance of braces. Plus, Invisalign allows you to still eat whatever you want without food getting stuck in your braces!

She encourages anyone who’s dissatisfied with their smile to get treated with Invisalign“You will be fine – there is nothing to be scared of, and it really doesn’t hurt!”

She is so glad she is getting her teeth straightened and achieving her dream smile – the best Christmas present to give oneself! (Or someone else…!)

Merry Christmas, Marius, we’re so glad you’re gifting yourself a lifetime of smile joy!