How These Knickerbocker Orthodontists Transformed Nikkea’s Smile

Nikkea had long been unhappy with her smile – getting her teeth straightened was a long-term goal of hers. When a friend recommended Diamond Braces and mentioned they had a location near her in KnickerbockerNikkea decided the moment was right!

rsz nikkea before orthodontic care
rsz orthodontists intraoral anterior

She’s never looked back. Diamond Braces was able to help her get started right away on her orthodontic treatment. Nikkea’s case was complex: she had severe overcrowding, with some overlap on the top and bottom and impacted teeth that had failed to grow all the way in. Luckily, supervision from Brooklyn orthodontist Dr. James Suh allowed for some amazing transformations.

Dr. Suh began with extractions, since Nikkea had crowding that needed to be corrected with the removal of some teeth. In some cases, impacted teeth may be drawn out with braces, but in other cases, such as Nikkea’s, it was actually more beneficial to her smile to extract them and then adjust the crowding.

rsz smile with braces from orthodontists
rsz smiling before teeth straightened

Once the impacted teeth had been removed, Dr. Suh moved on to metal bracesMetal braces use a flexible wire and brackets affixed to each tooth to slowly and safely move each tooth into its correct position, using precise movements controlled and designed by the orthodontist. Over the course of two years, with regular visits to Dr. Suh, Nikkea’s teeth gradually shifted into their correct positions. Nikkea was an excellent patient, taking pristine care of her teeth with regular brushing and flossing to keep her braces and teeth clean throughout her treatment. At-home care is key to effective braces treatment, to protect dental and gum health, and ensure that there is not staining under the brackets, for a healthy smile throughout braces treatment and afterwards!

Two years after beginning treatment, Nikkea is proud to be finished with her orthodontic care – and over the moon about the results! The photos make it clear just how transformative braces can be. Nikkea tells us with a big smile how much her confidence has already increased from her amazing new smile. She’s not afraid to show her teeth anymore – now she’s always looking for an opportunity to smile!

That’s another happy smile patient from Diamond Braces here in Knickerbocker – and another smile win for Dr. James Suh and the rest of the Knickerbocker team! Like always, serving New York with the highest-quality braces and Invisalign care, at affordable, family-friendly prices is what we do best.

Thanks Nikkea for choosing our team for your health and confidence – we hope you have so many reasons to share your beautiful new smile with the world!