Alexandra Used to Hide Her Teeth When She Smiled. After Only 4 Months of Invisalign, She’s Already Grinning!

We caught up with Alexandra at the Diamond Braces office in Dover, New Jersey. She’s in the middle of her Invisalign treatment, and she’s truly amazed at how quickly the results are working! “After only 4 months, I am so happy that they are working so quickly!” It’s easy to see the difference already! 

Alexandra had a problem many people share: she didn’t want to smile with her mouth open! She was ashamed of her crooked teeth and would only smile without showing them. But finally, Alexandra was ready for a change. She came to Diamond Braces and was happy to hear she was a candidate for Invisalign. 

She loves the discreet, barely noticeable appearance of clear aligners“It was important to me that no one can see it,” she explains. She’s been thrilled with the easy treatment provided by Invisalign aligners; they are flexible and comfortable, and she can take them out to eat. 

Alexandra also works in a medical office, so she knows great care when she sees it. “The people here are so nice!” She tells us. “I worry sometimes about my teeth, and how they’ll be in the future – but they always tell me everything will be okay, and answer all my questions.” 

Our Dover Diamond Braces orthodontists and staff know that people care about their health, and we want to make sure all our patients feel at ease every step of the way with their orthodontic care. That’s why we always go the extra mile to make sure our patients understand every step of their journey towards a healthy, beautiful smile. 

If the results so far are any indication, Alexandra’s on her way to a great smile that she’ll be happy to share for every photo! Congratulations, Alexandra – we love to transform camera-shy smilers into happy smiling camera stars.