Meet Alex, an adult Invisalign patient who is thrilled to get his aligners off today! Alex started Invisalign treatment about two years ago and is finishing up just in time for vacation in the Dominican Republic to see family. He was always interested in orthodontic treatment but took a different path than most when it came to getting a healthy, happy smile.

Alex presented with excessive overjet and spacing issues, along with existing braces from a different provider. Diamond Braces removed Alex’s existing appliance and switched him to Invisalign clear aligners — and Alex was thrilled with the change.

I had a ton of problems with my teeth, and I started with metal braces, but they didn’t work for me,” Alex said. “I like Invisalign much better. I can take them off whenever, eat what I want, brush my teeth, and put them back on.” Though he’s happy to be finished with treatment, Alex enjoyed his Invisalign aligners, especially when compared to those metal braces.

Alex works as an electrician and said that his Invisalign aligners gave him one less thing to worry about while on the job. He credits his aligner’s comfort and ease of use for making his job that much easier. “You don’t even feel them, they’re that comfortable.” As an electrician, Alex is customer-facing on the same level as a marketing professional or customer service representative, so maintaining his beautiful smile was important to him.

He’s now ready to start using his Vivera retainers to make sure his new smile stays straightened and healthy. Vivera retainers are made from the same SmartTrack material as Invisalign aligners, meaning they’re just as comfortable, durable, and easy to care for — perfect for patients like Alex who loved their Invisalign aligners!

Alex is just one of the many happy Invisalign patients who has completed treatment with us and even brought his wife, brother-in-law, and grandfather, to Diamond Braces to receive clear aligner therapy. He was recommended Invisalign aligners by a friend and said he would do the same for anyone else. “They’re the best man, they’re so easy to use. I would tell anyone to get it,” he said.

Congrats on your new Diamond smile, Alex! We know you can’t wait to show the family your happy, healthy teeth.