Julia's Dentist-Mom Concurs: Brooklyn Orthodontist Delivers Once More!

Julia is a seventh grader here in Brooklyn – and now, after 11 months of metal braces treatment under the supervision of Dr. Oleg Drutshe’s smiling wide with a healthy bite and beautiful straight teeth!

Julia had a not-so-secret weapon on her side when it came to getting a straight smile: her mom is a dentist! Her mom was carefully monitoring Julia’s teeth, and she took her in for orthodontic consultation when Julia was 10. She knew the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children visit an orthodontist for consultation early, to maximize the results of any necessary orthodontic care.

Julia’s mom also knew what to look for when it came to selecting an orthodontist: she herself had referred patients to Diamond Braces Brooklyn, so she knew it was a great choice for her own child! Julia was treated at Diamond Braces Gravesend on Avenue U, and her care was managed by Dr. Oleg Drut. He quickly determined a diagnosis: excessive overjet and deep overbiteThese conditions often appear together, and Dr. Drut has many years of experience treating both of these conditions. After Julia and her mom decided to go with a metal braces treatment, he quickly designed a treatment plan custom-created for Julia’s unique diagnosis.

Because she came in as a younger patient, and the specifics of her condition, Julia was able to achieve beautiful results in eleven short months! Her experience is a telling example of the power of treating teeth young, when the bones are still growing and shift more flexibly. If Julia continues to wear her retainers as advised – and we have a feeling her dentist mother will make sure that happens! – she can expect many years of smile joy!

The team at Diamond Braces Gravesend was happy to help Julia with her smile in such a short amount of time. We’ll miss seeing her and her mom in the office – but since we enjoy a strong professional relationship between orthodontist and dentist, we hope to see both of them again!Diamond Braces Brooklyn is thrilled we could help another patient smile.