Fresh After Invisalign Debonding, Ariana Shares Her Smile Journey with the Diamond Braces Team!

Ariana just finished her debonding with Invisalign: she is officially finished with treatment! She’s thrilled with the results and was happy to share her experience with Diamond Braces at the Jamaica office. 

Ariana actually had a full round of metal braces back in high school. Unfortunately, she was more irresponsible at the time, and didn’t do a good job wearing the retainers. Due to the “muscle memory” of teeth, they eventually shifted back. Ariana was frustrated because she felt she’d wasted the time and money doing treatment the first time. This is one of the reasons wearing your retainer post-treatment is so important. 

Now that she’s older and more responsible, she decided it was time to start orthodontic treatment again – this time, with Invisalign. From the very beginning, she loved her clear aligners! “They started correcting my smile right away.” 

She found Diamond Braces on an online search, and was pleased to find a location so close to home, right here in Jamaica, Queens. “They’re very nice here, they move quickly and you never have to wait long!” We know our patients are busy, so that’s why our team at Diamond Braces stays busy too! 

Ariana works as a pediatric ultrasound technician here in New York, which can be a demanding job. She is happy to have a beautiful professional smile to go with her professional life. “It’s the first thing people notice about you, your smile,” she notes. “Overall, having a great smile makes you more confident. In high school, I used to hide my smile with my hand. Now, I feel more confident.” 

Your confidence shows, Ariana! We’re so glad you’re pleased with your smile, and we’re glad we could help you win your grin. 

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