Alexandria is All Smiles After Braces From Her Brooklyn Orthodontist

Two years ago, Alexandria arrived at our Flatbush Diamond Braces office, on Church Ave in Brooklyn, NY. She was seeking treatment for her “bad teeth”. Our orthodontic team quickly found a diagnosis: crowding, one of the many conditions treatable with braces and Invisalign. At 23, Alexandria was about to launch her career and her adult life: our orthodontic team in Flatbush was determined to help her get straight teeth and a healthy smile to complement her new professional life!

Diamond Braces orthdontist Dr. Moon took up her case, planning Alexandria’s complete metal braces treatment, from bonding to retention. Two years later, Alexandria visited the Church Ave office for an exciting day: to get her braces off!

Alexandria was a model patient: she took great care of her braces and did everything right to make sure her treatment would not be delayed. And she did all of this while working a job and studying in school! Alexandria is a great example to other patients: an example of how properly following the orthodontist’s instructions leads to amazing results.

One of Alexandria’s motivations for getting her teeth straightened was job prospects: research shows that a confident, good-looking smile makes individuals appear more capable and experienced. This can positively impact your chances of nailing an interview and being hired!

Alexandria was referred to Diamond Braces Flatbush Brooklyn by her insurance provider. We accept most insurance plans and also provide flexible payment plans for manageable monthly payments. Our aim is to provide everyone who walks through our doors with a beautiful, healthy, confident smile!

Thanks for choosing Diamond Braces in Brooklyn, Alexandria: may your new smile bring you professional success and years of confidence!