Two Siblings Excitedly Begin Their Orthodontic Journey with Staten Island Orthodontist

The team at Diamond Braces Staten Island always loves when a pair of siblings come in for treatment together. They not only make us laugh with their sibling antics, but they also help motivate each other. Sisters Ashley and Briana are no exception. They recently came in to get metal braces at the same time, and if treatment goes according to plan, they should finish around the same time! Judging by their cheerful spirits during bonding, we have a feeling these sisters are going to have fun achieving beautiful smiles together.

They’re both being treated by Dr. Palaganos at the Diamond Braces Staten Island office. Dr. Palaganos has treated many siblings pairs in his long career, and he knew Ashley and Briana would be model patients.

Older sister Ashley is twelve. She loves playing softball and her goal is to someday play at the professional level. Dr. Palaganos recommended comprehensive treatment with ceramic or metal braces: Ashley chose metal braces, because she was excited about the colorful rubber bands. These are a fun accessorizing option that many young patients adore!

The youngest of the family, Briana is 10. She is in fifth grade here on Staten Island. She likes to swim and read, and hopes one day to become a lawyer. She also chose metal braces – but don’t worry, she has different favorite colors than Ashley, so she won’t be accused of copying.

Dr. Palaganos estimates that both girls’ treatments will be completed in 18 months. He’s instructed both of them on what to know about their braces, and they know it will be important to brush and floss regularly in order to keep their treatment on track.

By getting their braces bonded on the same day, they’ll be able to experience the whole process together – keeping each other motivated to properly care for their braces, and sharing tips for proper care and foods to avoid. And when they’re done with braces a year and a half from now, with straight teeth and matching beautiful smiles, they’ll be able to celebrate together!

Until then, we look forward to seeing this fun pair regularly while they get their teeth straightened. Thanks for stopping by, Ashley and Briana!