Jamaica Queens Orthodontist Transformed Sonia’s Smile with Invisalign

Sonia is a junior here in Jamaica, Queens – and while she’s grinning now, she wasn’t quite so happy with her teeth two years ago! When she came to Diamond Braces in Jamaica Queens NY, she was unhappy with the misalignment of her teeth, including an overbite and excessive overjet. Dr. Mikhail Arkhipov was at the ready, with a comprehensive diagnosis using X-Rays and advanced iTero 3D scanning. Based on her condition, and her treatment preferences, Dr. Arkhipov recommended Sonia try Invisalign clear aligner therapy for her treatment.

Sonia was excited to be approved for Invisalign – she was interested in this treatment for the subtle, discreet look of the aligners. She was able to start treatment right away, and thanks to her studious, hard-working nature, was extremely compliant in wearing her aligners and cleaning them properlySuch care is critically important to achieving the best results with clear braces.

Two years later, Sonia’s finished with treatment: Dr. Arkhipov was able to successfully adjust the overbite and overjet into a correct bite, and Sonia’s teeth are straight and her smile looks great!

Sonia was enthusiastic in her happiness for her new smile: “I feel much more confident in body and mind! I love laughing and smiling and I am ready to meet new people without any insecurities.  I attend a performing arts school where I am a vocal major, and having great-looking teeth really enhances my appearance when I sing and perform.I am ecstatic and very happy with my treatment. Thank you, Diamond Braces and the staff, for all the work that you did for me.”

We’ll look forward to seeing you onstage, Sonia – with that beautiful smile, we’re sure to spot you even from the Met opera! We’re proud to give another Queens New York high schooler a smile to sing about, with quality care from Diamond Braces New Jersey.