From Mail-Order Nightmare to Invisalign Dream Smile: Alec’s Journey to Straight Teeth!

Meet Alec, another happy Smilify customer! Alec is getting straight teeth in 6 months thanks to Diamond Braces’ innovative expedited Invisalign treatment.

Alec began his treatment with a mail-order, at-home aligner company, but after 3 months and over $1,000 later, he had yet to see any results. When the company told him abruptly there was nothing further they could do for his smile, he was left scrambling for other options.

Alec found Diamond Braces through friends’ recommendations, and began Invisalign treatment right away. He’s being treated at the Avenue Z location in Sheepshead Bay, which is close to his home and fully staffed with expert, licensed orthodontists, right here in Brooklyn. He found it easy to book an appointment, and was able to start treatment the next day! He loves getting the aligners in advance, which makes it easy to stay on top of treatment.

Alec was surprised to find out that, while the mail-order aligner company had boasted of using the latest technology, they were actually using the old technology no longer preferred by orthodontists. With Invisalign, he’s pleased to be receiving state-of-the-art care from real doctors, which includes patented plastic aligners and innovative attachments for added grip.

Alec works in marketing, but he’s also a well-known digital content creator, making well-known videos on YouTube and TikTok. Since he is in front the camera so often, Alec started noticing that his teeth were shifting over time. While he’d had braces as a teenager, his retainer no longer seemed to fit, and his overjet was increasing. The Diamond Braces orthodontist in Brooklyn informed him that this was a common occurrence: clear braces offer an easy, effective way to get your smile back in place.

He’s loving his clear aligner treatment, and is excited to be getting his smile back to its healthy, straight position! He misses being able to grab a snack whenever – he’s very careful to only drink water while he’s wearing his aligners.

Helpful tip from an exert? “Always remember your case – don’t put your aligners in a napkin while you’re eating!” Alec learned this the hard way when he accidentally threw his away after a meal. He won’t make that mistake again!

Alec highly recommends going to an orthodontist’s office for your clear aligner treatment. After wasting money on months of mail-order aligner treatment that had no effect, he wishes he’d just started with Diamond Braces in the first place. Don’t throw money away on ineffective treatments! Great doctors offering effective orthodontic care are here in your New York neighborhood.

Learn more about the difference between mail-order aligners and in-office Invisalign here.

We’re glad to have Alec at Diamond Braces – we look forward to celebrating your beautiful, healthy smile with you soon!