Future Lawyer’s Smile is Winning Evidence for the Benefit of East Village Braces

Nicolette is a studious fifteen-year-old here in New York; she loves English class, and she plans to become a lawyer in the future. But before a career as an attorney came a professional smile, with some help from Diamond Braces in the East Village.

Under the careful supervision of orthodontist Dr. Holly Douglas, Nicolette saw very impressive results with her expert provider and her hard work maintaining her braces with healthy at-home care. She chose metal braces for their effective, predictable treatment, with amazing results. Plus, she loved matching the rubber bands to her seasonal look!

Diamond Braces East Village treats lots of teenagers, and not everyone is as attentive to their braces. Dr. Douglas always stresses the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing nightly before bed, so plaque doesn’t grow on the brackets or the teeth. And regular dentist visits are a must as well for properly-maintained teeth! Luckily, Nicolette took the advice to heart, and you can see the results in her beautiful, healthy smile.

Today, she finally got her braces removed, and the results look great! Dr. Douglas praised Nicolette for being an “A+ patient” – given that Nicolette is an A+ student, we’re not surprised she passed with flying colors for her braces treatment. She definitely understands that a beautiful smile and great teeth will make landing her dream job easier: studies show people get further in their career when their teeth are straight and healthy!

We wave goodbye to Nicolette, here at Diamond Braces East Village NY. We’re sad to say farewell to another beloved patient, but thrilled to send another beautiful smile into the world! Good luck with your studies, Nicolette, and keep smiling.