This North Bergen Fashionista is Already Making Braces Part of Her Fab Look!

New Jersey 9th grader Keleka was on top of her treatment from the beginning – her mom, Kimberly, didn’t need to do much more than drive her to the appointment! We chatted with her at Diamond Braces North Bergen to hear about her braces treatment so far. 

This was her bonding appointment, and she’s smiling already with her new treatment. She chose blue rubber bands for her first look. “I love bright colors,” she tells us. “Next time I’ll probably go with pink.”

In fact, Keleka was excited about braces for the total look – for many teenagers, braces are an amazing opportunity to jazz up their outfits with colorful accessorizing options – all while getting their teeth straightened for a lifelong, healthy smile. Creative kids know how to make everything a statement, and Keleka’s braces are no exception! Colorful rubber bands are the key to both a healthy, beautiful smile, and a fashion statement!  

Both Keleka and her mom have been happy with the Diamond Braces experience so far. They got the recommendation from a friend of Keleka’s, who also got her braces at Diamond Braces as well and raved about the bright colored rubber bands. “Everyone is really nice and comforting, and they made sure I understood what was going on,” Keleka tells us. Since this was her first day with braces, it helped to know that the team taking care of her wanted her to feel comfortable! 

They were both impressed with how quickly everything happened. “I expected we’d be here for two hours,” Kimberly said. “But the whole braces bonding only took 45 minutes!” They both noted that being able to take care of paperwork online saved them time and made the visit easier. 

“All the paperwork was done – doing it at home saves so much time,” says Keleka. Kimberly tells us that Keleka actually took care of everything by herself! “She’s very responsible,” Kimberly says. For a 9th grader, we’re pretty impressed with Keleka’s go-getter attitude! 

Keleka applies the same hard-work ethic and responsibility to the rest of her life. A New Jersey high-school freshman, she plans on eventually becoming a surgeon. “I just think it would be fun!” She says with a smile. But she always makes sure to make time for fun! She loves handing out with her friends and going shopping. Favorite store? “Forever 21!”

This fashionista is spring line ready with a brand new set of colorful rubber bands to match every outfitThanks for checking in at Diamond Braces North Bergen, Keleka – we’re as excited about your new grin as you are!