Pelham Parkway Brothers Agree: Braces Treatment is Just What Their Smiles Needed

Brothers Micah and Jada don’t agree on much – but they definitely agree that their metal braces treatment from Diamond Braces Pelham Parkway Bronx NY has been great for both their smiles! With expert treatment from the Bronx team on White Plains Road, supervised by experienced orthodontist Dr. Sasha Baston, Micah and Jada have both seen amazing smile transformations.

Micah is eighteen and Jada is fifteen years old. When Micah decided to get braces, Jada thought he might as well come along and get his bite corrected. They were a great team, supporting each other through their treatment and making our Diamond Braces Pelham Parkway team laugh with their great senses of humor.

Micah and Jada came in wanting to have “pretty teeth” that would make their smiles look nice. As is commonly the case in siblings, they had similar dental conditions due to the same genetic inheritances. Both Micah and Jada had crooked teeth with a few impactions. Impacted teeth are teeth that are buried under the bone or teeth that are partially visible, but cannot erupt fully due to some obstruction or other reasons. You can read up on impacted teeth and see if you might have any!

Dr. Baston took care of the impacted teeth first with both brothers, and then ensured all the teeth were brought into correct alignment, including the now-corrected impacted teeth. Her skill is evident in the expert results that have been achieved in both Micah and Jada’s case. Just look at those grins!

Both brothers got to know about Diamond Braces New York on the internet – both discerning customers, they took the time to comb through our website before deciding to schedule a complimentary consultation. And they’re both pleased with the results – and pleased to share their beautiful new smiles with the world! Good luck, Michael and Jada – we’ll miss seeing you at Diamond Braces here in the Bronx. And remember to wear your retainers for the longest-lasting results.