3 Months Into Braces, Leticia’s Already Discovered the Accessorizing Power of Colorful Rubber Bands!

Leticia is still pretty new to braces, but this plucky 5th grader is all smiles! She’s super happy with her treatment so far, and is loving the experience with Diamond Braces! We chatted with her and her mother at Diamond Braces Jamaica Queens.

Leticia tells us she and her mom were both unhappy with her crooked teeth, so her mom started looking for a braces solution. Her mom found Diamond Braces through a family friend’s recommendation, which is a common way for people to choose trustworthy orthodontists. They chose the Jamaica NY office for its convenience to their home.

One of Leticia’s favorite parts of the braces experience has definitely been the rubber bands! The rubber bands are used to secure the wire to the brackets attached to the teeth. They come in many colors, and can be a really fun way to express your personality while you straighten your teeth!

For this visit, Leticia selected pink rubber bands, to match with the next upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day. For the last visit, she picked red and green to celebrate Christmas during the winter holiday season. The time before that, she went with blue. Why? “It’s my favorite color!” Well that’s a great reason, we agree!

This New York 5th grader loves to read and write. Writing is her favorite class, and she recently wrote an essay about a book called Marble Champ.

When she grows up, she wants to become a teacher for younger kids. This bright student will make an excellent teacher, we can tell.

What advice does she have for other kids who are getting braces? Leticia smiles. “It’s not that bad! Don’t worry, whatever you’re worried about – it’s not the end of the world!”

How’s that for a great teacher? Thanks for checking in, Leticia. Good luck with your smile journey – and happy Valentine’s Day!