Meet Ifra (and her Mom), Already Smiling on Her Very First Day with Braces!

Ifra is a 7th grader in middle school here in Long Island! Today is a big day for her: she just got her braces on – also known as bondingEven though she was a little nervous, the experience was actually really good. She’s here with her mom, who is equally pleased with how the experience has been! 

Her mom, Najeeba, found Diamond Braces Bethpage from a Google search. The reviews were good, and this New York office was close to home, so they find it easy to get here. 

She’s excited to get braces because her teeth were crowded and misalignedIt will take about 2 or 3 years, but eventually she will be excited to get a beautiful smile! 

Ifra’s favorite subject in school is math. “I like all the different operations, and also how it’s a real challenge.” 

What’s her advice to new patients about to get braces? “It doesn’t hurt!” She tells us. “Just take it easy and relax.” 

With that, she’s off to learn how to care for her braces! Rachael, one of the Bethpage assistants, explains to her everything she needs to know about routine cleaning and care for braces. All assistants take the time after bonding to make sure patients understand the process. Rachel explains to brush twice a day, underneath and on top, as well as in circles over the brackets. She also explains the flossing procedure for braces. Ifra’s mom listens carefully so she can learn all the tips for helping her keep the braces clean and well cared-for. 

You can learn more about braces care here.

Good luck with your braces journey, Ifra. We know you’ll surely be pleased with your beautiful, healthy smile!