Yet Another Smile Win Achieved by the Washington Heights Orthodontist

Saba started with braces treatment in Washington Heights as a 16-year old high schooler, unhappy with his smile. He had crowded teeth with excessive overjet, leading to a smile that made him frown. Luckily, he was in good hands with expert orthodontic care from Dr. Renee Pompei, at Diamond Braces in Manhattan NY! She got him started on metal braces to correct both conditions, and things quickly began to improve.

Now, two years down the line, Saba has just turned 18 years old, and recently graduated high school: as a final marker of adulthood, his metal braces were just removed, leaving in their wake a beautiful, healthy smile, no trace of the crowding and overjet he started with!

Dr. Pompei has certainly done her work properly. With degrees from Columbia and Tufts, Dr. Pompei was well-trained for her job – and after years of experience treating smiles with a wide variety of conditions, she has a unique ability to design the exact treatment that will work for each patient.

Saba’s already excited for the results of his smile. He says he feels happier, healthier and more confident. He knows the new smile is going to change his lifestyle for the better and he is delighted to be able to share his grin with confidence.

Done with high school, and done with braces, we know great things await this hard-working student, who loves to swim and plan to go to college in the coming years. Diamond Braces Washington Heights NY was happy to be able to give this ambitious young man a bright future with a bright smile!

Good luck, Saba, and keep on grinning!