Moncef’s Getting Smile-Happy with Diamond Braces Hackensack – Just Like His Sister, and His Brother!

Meet Moncef, a local college student on his way to smile happiness with braces! He’s partway through his treatment at the Hackensack office, but already loving the transformation to his crooked teeth. He had issues with an overjet, where his front teeth stuck out too far. Luckily, that is an easy condition to treat with braces! 

With great reviews online and a Hackensack location close to his New Jersey homeMoncef had no trouble choosing Diamond Braces for his orthodontists. But the true deciding factor was even closer to home – his sister also had her braces treatment with Diamond Braces. “She really liked it, so it was an obvious choice,” Montcef told us. “And my little brother just scheduled his first appointment here, too!” All three siblings will be smiling for life with Diamond Braces! 

Moncef knew the importance of seeing a real orthodontistHe skipped out on mail-order aligners because at-home treatment uses “tele-dentists” to straighten teeth from afar. “I knew visiting the office meant regular checkups,” he explains. He wanted to ensure the best results for his teeth, and he knew the best meant real orthodontists, every time. 

So far, he has loved the Diamond Braces experience with the Hackensack team! “The doctors are friendly and informative, and the staff is great!”

He’s also found braces treatment to be even easier than expected! He recommends that future braces wearers use a waterpik – it’s a great way to flush the food out between your teeth without damaging the wires or brackets, or your teeth! 

Thanks for checking in, Moncef – can’t wait to see the family photo of you and your smiling siblings, with beautiful grins from Diamond Braces!