This Hard-Working Nurse Knows Expert Patient Care – And Found it At Diamond Braces

Martin is here at Diamond Braces on Avenue U for what might be the very last time: he’s just had his debonding, where his attachments came off. He is now finished with Invisalign! Congratulations, Martin!

Martin, a registered nurse, lives locally in Brooklyn. He was referred to Diamond Braces by a friend who had her metal braces treatment here. He’s enjoyed his experience with the orthodontic team here – so much that he’s recommended it to two other people!

His teeth were crowded and he had long wanted to fix them – it’s important, he says, to have a “great American smile!” America certainly makes lots of movies featuring famous actors with beautiful smiles – now, Martin fits right in with his big-screen smile!

He found the Invisalign treatment to be fairly easy. At first, he set alarms on his phone to make sure he only took out his clear aligners for 2 hours of the day. But eventually, he became accustomed to the schedule and didn’t need to check all the time. He actually enjoyed the whole process, from bonding, to progress consultations, to his debonding today!

Martin thought the team at Avenue U in Gravesend was absolutely great. He especially appreciated the world-class service from Henry, one of our beloved technicians. “Henry’s great with people, and he was always great to interact with!” Henry was happy to hear this great news! “It’s great at Diamond Braces,” he says. “I work at lots of locations, so I love meeting all the different doctors.” We’re glad to have you on board, Henry!

Martin understands the important of great human interactions – he works as a registered nurse at a local New York nursing home, and works all day face-to-face with his many patients. He loves taking care of people – and making them smile! Now he has a smile fit for making others smile – looking good, Martin.

He’s not worried about adjusting to life without Invisalign: he adjusted so easily to life with his clear aligners, he expects it will be just as easy to go back. What’s he going to do now that he’s finished? Martin shrugs.

“Go to work!”

We’re glad this committed nurse took time out of his day to give himself a winning smile. Congrats on your beautiful, straight teeth, Nurse Martin: we wish you the best of luck. Come back and visit us – especially Henry!