This Stamford High-Schooler is Smiling Wide Thanks to Invisalign Teen!

Shoutout to Victoria, who’s just finished with her Invisalign Teen! She got her attachments debonded and she’s so excited to see the beautiful results! Her teeth look great, and she and her mom, Katarzyna, are both really happy with her smile.

The entire treatment was only a year and a half. At first, Victoria’s mom wasn’t sure how she would do with Invisalign Teen. But Katarzyna was impressed: “She did great! She never lost her aligners, and she remembered to change them every week.” With clear aligners, there is a new set every week, and it’s very important to change them out so the treatment progresses smoothly. “She was actually better than I was about remembering to change them!” her mom says.

They both really like the Diamond Braces Stamford team, especially the helpful assistants and knowledgeable orthodontists. Katarzyna loved how easy it was to schedule appointments, and made it easy to schedule visits for after school.

As for Victoria, she found taking care of her aligners very easy. It was actually easy to keep them in except for eating, and she was always careful to wash them every day. She wasn’t happy with her crooked teeth, so she stayed on top of her treatment to ensure the best results. Now she’s thrilled to be done, and happy with her great smile! Her little brother is only 10, but he’s already asking for Invisalign!

Invisalign Teen is specifically designed for growing mouths. It gives adolescents all the subtlety and discreet appearance of clear aligners, but offers the same lifelong results as traditional braces. More and more teenagers are requesting Invisalign Teen to help them achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

Victoria’s in 8th grade in Stamford. Her favorite subject is chorus, because she loves to sing! Right now her chorus is doing the music of the band Queen. They tackled a hard one first, with Bohemian Rhapsody! Victoria’s a Soprano and she’s having a lot of fun singing the challenging epic ballad. She also swims and plays the piano.

Her family is from Poland, so this busy Connecticut teen also attends Polish language school on the weekends! Her mom tells us Vicoria’s Polish is great. But Victoria’s favorite part of Polish school is her great friends.

Thank you, Victoria, congratulations on your new smile!