This Aspiring Real Estate Mogul is Dominating the Business Game with a Five-Star Smile

Ezekiel is in the middle of his braces treatment – but he’s already thrilled with the results, and his experience with Diamond Braces! We caught up with him after a treatment check-in and tune-up at the Avenue U office in Gravesend. This Brooklyn resident was pleased to share his experience getting his great smile.

Ezekiel has a combination of two different braces treatment: clear ceramic braces on his top teeth, and metal braces on the bottom. This is actually a quite frequent occurrence in orthodontia – some patients bites might be misaligned in such a way that the top teeth collide with the brackets. Because clear ceramic brackets are more delicate than metal braces, biting contact with top teeth could potentially damage them, making metal braces a better choice for the bottom teeth.

Ezekiel also has bite blockers: these are blue caps that sit on top of the back teeth and help increase the effectiveness of the orthodontic treatment. They are comfortable, painless, and super effective!

Ezekiel has had quite a journey with his teeth! He had a significant overbite, so a few years ago he decided to begin treatment to straighten his smile. His dentist referred him to Diamond Braces, and he chose the Avenue U office for its proximity to his home. Ezekiel initially started with Invisalign, but didn’t love how they felt. His severe misalignment also required lengthy treatment, and orthodontists told him braces would be faster. After switching to braces, he hasn’t looked back: they’ve worked great!

How does he feel about the Diamond Braces experience? No minced words here: “These guys are the best thing since sliced bread!”

He says the Diamond Braces team has been absolutely stellar. The 5-star orthodontists are expert professionals, and everyone, from the front desk to the hygienists, are cordial, friendly, and overall superb!

Thanks for the warm praise, Ezekiel!

Ezekiel currently manages a driving school, where he interfaces with many people, so he knows the professional importance of having a great smile. And this New Yorker just got his real estate license, so soon he plans to be working in residential brokerage. All realtors will tell you that the real estate industry is all about human connection – a warm, healthy smile goes a long way in closing a deal! With his great smile underway from Diamond Braces, Ezekiel will be able to land in real estate with the greatest asset already by his side!

He knows the overall worth of a good smile: “Good for confidence, good for business, good for dating…it’s always good to have a good smile!” He adds that it’s especially helpful for politicians…but, he tells us, he’s definitely not planning on running for office. We’d vote for you, Ezekiel!

For those interested in braces, Ezekiel wants them to know that it’s not as annoying as it looks! “The treatment doesn’t interfere,” he tells us. “It just becomes part of your mouth. It’s not painful at all.”

He does miss one thing…”biting chicken wings!” It’s true that biting down on chicken wings is a bad idea when you have braces – but after treatment, you can eat as many chicken wings as you want – all while flashing that beautiful smile!

Thanks for checking in with us, Ezekiel – we look forward to celebrating with you when those braces come off!