For This Busy Stamford Corporate Professional, Invisalign was the Smart Choice!

Devika knows the importance of a great smile. So when she graduated college and joined the workforce here in Connecticut, this hard-working Ivy Leaguer knew it was time to set her smile dreams into motion. 

She’d skipped out on braces in high school because she wasn’t totally sure she’d be responsible enough to make it a worthwhile investment. “Now that I’m more responsible, both financially and generally, I knew this was the right time.” 

She was immediately drawn to the benefits of Invisalign. “Clear aligners offer a more professional look for adults,” she says. “For my job, I knew it was important to maintain my professionalism.” Invisalign allows her to straighten her teeth with a subtle look that barely registers. 

Devika works as a campus recruiter for a large financial corporation, so she also wanted to maintain a separate appearance between herself and the college students. Since metal braces are often associated with younger teens and young adults, Invisalign was the obvious choice. She’s excited for the professional benefits of clear aligners. And she knows she’ll appreciate the adaptability, by taking out her aligners to eat, and enjoying a comfortable fit. 

She found Diamond Braces Stamford through her insurance network – Diamond Braces is proud to partner with all major insurance providers. After reading up on Google reviews, she was ready to begin. 

The experience has been great! “The consultation was easy, and they gave me all the information and let me take my time deciding on a treatment,” she tells us. “The facilities are so nice, and I’ve come in now several times, and I’ve never had to wait.” 

She’s impressed by Diamond Braces’ commitment to professionalism. Quick wait times work well for her busy corporate schedule, and the state-of-the-art technology makes it clear that this office takes smiles seriously. “You can tell this isn’t just a tiny orthodontist office in the middle of nowhere.” We’re thrilled to hear our go-getter Connecticut patients find our orthodontic care up to par with the best the state has to offer! 

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to speak with us, Devika! We know your future is bright – and now, with straight teeth and a winning smile, it’ll be even brighter.

If you’re a working professional and looking for a teeth-straightening solution, Invisalign is an obvious choice for your lifestyle.