From Camera-Shy to Expert Cheese, Hackensack Teen Loves His Post-Braces Smile

When ninth grader Erik came to the Diamond Braces office in Hackensack New Jersey, he was a shy self-styled “computer geek” who hated posing for pictures. It was pretty clear why: his smile needed a little help.

Erik was suffering from several dental conditions, including midline shift, blocked-out canines, and increased overjet and overbite. Luckily, he came to Diamond Braces Hackensack, where he was assigned treatment from Dr. Oleg Drut, one of the most experienced orthodontists in this part of New Jersey! Dr. Drut has ample experience treating all of these conditions, and he wasted no time designing a custom treatment for Erik’s smile. The tool of choice was metal braces, one of the most effective appliances for treating multi-condition orthodontic issues like Erik’s.

Using digital x-rays, predictive modeling, and state-of-the-art medical-grade braces materialsDr. Drut used a carefully planned series of movements to correct Erik’s various dental conditions. Each precise movement was custom designed to achieve the exact necessary realignment of the tooth.

Erik Smiling After Braces Treatment

Two years later, and Erik’s malocclusion – or “bad bite” – is a thing of the past! His confidence has already increased during treatment, from a shy middle-schooler who hated taking pictures to an outgoing high school student! Now that his braces are off and he’s got a great smile to show off, we have a feeling Erik will be feeling pretty self-confident from here on out. Achieving straight teeth and a beautiful smile is a total game-changer for shy teenagers: feeling great about your grin can completely transform your feelings about yourself!

After de-bonding, Dr. Drut provided Erik with a set of retainers to wear at night to protect his smile results. He instructed him to wear the retainers every night, as this is key to keeping the teeth in their new positions and settle in for good rather than shifting back. As long as Erik follows this regimen, he’ll be smiling with confidence for years to come. And with a Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee, Diamond Braces Hackensack will be here to protect Erik’s smile for good.

We’re always happy to send another happy patient out into the world with a confident, healthy smile: that’s what our Diamond Braces New Jersey orthodontists love the most!