Officer David of the NYPD is Happy With His Orthodontic Care in Queens

David is a 25-year-old police officer, but today he’s off-duty for another important job: getting his braces taken off! It was debonding day for this NYPD officer, who is thrilled with the results of his braces treatment.

David pursued a smile solution at Diamond Braces in Astoria Queens NY, where he met with Dr. Shenjuti Chowdhury to discuss his condition and treatment options. After x-rays and thorough consultation, Dr. Chowdhury determined a diagnosis: excessive overjet and deep overbite with a locked-out upper-right lateral incisor.

Next, Dr. Chowdhury explained the treatment options. After considering all of them, David chose ceramic braceshe wanted something subtle and inconspicuous, with all the effectiveness of braces treatment. Ceramic braces are an ideal option for this pair of benefits: the clear brackets are very not-noticeable, but still move teeth effectively and safely like metal braces.

Now, it is 14 months from the day David began his treatment, and Dr. Chowdhury is thrilled to be able to remove his braces! The ceramic braces have been successful: his teeth have lined up beautifully, and David’s got a beautiful smile to share with the world, on the job and off! David thanked the Queens team for their help with his smile – he’s so happy, even fresh out of braces he can’t stop smiling!

Dr. Chowdhury provided David with a retainer to protect the results of his ceramic braces treatment. He’ll be sure to wear it as instructed to keep the results intact! We wave goodbye to David, another Queens Diamond Braces patient we’re thrilled to have been able to help.

Thanks for keeping us safe, Officer David – we’re glad we could give you a reason to smile!