Atika’s All Smiles After Braces from Edison Orthodontist

Atika’s a hard-working, confident college student now, but when she first came to Diamond Braces South Plainfield New Jersey, she was a shy sixteen-year-old high schooler looking for help with her smile! She met with Dr. Dana Silagi in the Edison New Jersey office, who thoroughly reviewed her case and to determine a diagnosis for the precise misalignment condition with her smile. When Dr. Silagi let Atika know that she’d be able to achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile with metal braces, Atika couldn’t wait to start!

Under Dr. Silagi’s careful supervision, Atika began metal braces treatmentDr. Silagi designed the entire process, from beginning to end, and meticulously orchestrated the movement of each tooth. No two metal braces treatments are alike: depending on the condition or conditions of the unique patient, the orthodontist designs a regimen specifically tailored to move their teeth into the correct positions.

Atika was careful to maintain proper hygiene of her braces and the rest of her mouth: she brushed and flossed regularly, to keep her braces clean and her teeth healthy, and also visited the dentist regularly throughout the three years of her treatment. Don’t forget, you can still get cavities when you have braces! Luckily, Atika avoided any cavities during her treatment and Dr. Silagi gave her an A+ for oral hygiene during treatment.

She also loved switching out the rubber band colors to match her seasonal look. She cycled through nearly all the colors, and we loved finding out which colors she would choose next! Pairing different rubber band colors is a popular pastime for many of our stylish patients.

Three years after she began her metal braces treatment, Atika is finally finished with her orthodontic care, and her smile speaks for itself! She’s thrilled with the results and thanked the whole office for their help with her teeth. Dr. Silagi provided her with a set of retainers to wear at night, to keep her beautiful smile in place as her teeth settled into their new, proper alignment.

Dr. Silagi is confident Atika will properly follow the retainer instructions – and wishes her many reasons to smile and show off her beautiful teeth! Congrats, Atika. Another happy smile created by the hard-working orthodontists at Diamond Braces New Jersey!