Kyler and Dad Agree: Braces Are Worth it For a Lifetime of Health and Happiness!

We chatted with Kyler and his dad at the Jamaica office in Queens, where Kyler is celebrating his debonding: he is officially finished with his braces treatment!

Kyler had braces for over a year, but he found the treatment went faster than he expected. And both Kyler and his dad agreed that Kyler – despite the stereotypes about teenage boys not being organized – actually did a great job taking care of his braces!

“I know a lot of people my age who were kind of lazy and didn’t take care of them as well,” he tells us. “It didn’t turn out well, and they had to keep them on longer.”

Kyler was careful to brush every day, and floss regularly. His parents also got him a water pick, a useful tool for cleaning between brackets, which helps to keep the braces clean. His dad was surprised that Kyler actually did a better job caring for his braces than his sister! She’s the reason Kyler’s here: she got her braces first, and then it was Kyler’s turn.

This family likes to do their research; Kyler’s parents visited a few different orthodontists before they decided on the office they trusted to straighten their children’s teeth. They liked the views and got recommendations from family friends before deciding on Diamond Braces. Diamond Braces Queens was well equipped to help these siblings straighten their teeth with lasting results!

Kyler thought the braces experience was overall really easy and comfortable. “People didn’t even really notice I had them – they just got used to them!” He could eat more or less all his usual foods. He was happy to have his teeth straightened, because he wasn’t happy with his smile before. He didn’t have gaps between teeth as some patients do, but many teeth were oriented the wrong way and out of place. The braces did an excellent job of moving them into their correct positions, and he’s thrilled with his smile!

His dad also pointed out the importance of a healthy smile to overall health – that was a big reason they decided to help Kyler get a great smile. Like most parents, he cares a lot about keeping his kids healthy for their whole lives!

This New York teen is in 11th grade; he’s definitely planning on going to college, but not sure where he’d like to go. He’s a big fan of music, and plays the guitar (shout-out to his favorite electric guitarist, Tosin Abasi!). He thinks music will probably be a side career, so he’s got some time to figure out what he’ll do professionally. Whatever he chooses, he’ll certainly be aided by his beautiful, healthy smile!

As for his sister – inspired by her treatment, she’s about to head off to dental school! She’s finishing college now and plans to enroll in dental school in the fall. So this family will have extra dental protection with an expert in the family!

Thanks for checking in with us in Jamaica, Kyler: congrats on your great smile!