Teen in Flatbush Satisfied with Professional Orthodontist in Brooklyn

Flatbush high-schooler Adisa was unhappy with the way his teeth looked. He was self-conscious about smiling or letting his teeth show in pictures. He knew he wanted to get orthodontic treatment, but Adisa wasn’t going to choose just anyone to correct his smile. So he canvassed lots of people he knew who had already straightened their teeth with braces or Invisalign.

One provider came up again and again: Diamond Braces. After several rave reviews, he knew he had to check them out. He scheduled a consultation with the team at Diamond Braces Flatbush on Flatbush Ave, in Brooklyn NY, where he met orthodontist Dr. Laura Edwards. Dr. Edwards did a thorough review of Adisa’s dental history, took x-rays, and discussed his case. After review, Dr. Edwards recommended metal braces to treat Adisa’s crowding condition, one of many conditions treatable with braces therapy.

Adisa was enthusiastic to begin treatment, and Dr. Edwards wasted no time getting him scheduled for bonding! He turned out to be a dedicated and focused patient, making sure to carefully clean and care for his teeth and braces throughout the treatment. Brushing and flossing daily is the most important part of a patient’s job during treatment, while the experienced orthodontist manages the safe alignment of teeth and technicians change out rubber bands and adjust any out-of-place brackets or wires.

Two years later, Adisa arrived for de-bonding, the big day when the braces come off. All smiles, Adisa was thrilled to see the final results of his dedicated commitment to his metal braces treatment! Pleased with the look of his smile, Adisa had rave reviews for the Diamond Braces team in Flatbush Brooklyn. “Loved the staff. They are very professional and everyone is willing to help and answer all your questions.”

As for his smile – Adisa couldn’t be happier! He says with a grin, “It will improve my confidence and make me look 10 times more handsome!”

That’s what we at Diamond Braces Flatbush love to hear. Like all our colleagues across Diamond Braces Brooklyn, we work hard every day to provide straight teeth and beautiful smiles to every patient who walks through our door. We wish Adisa a lifetime of happiness and reasons to share his new smile!