Jessica Gives Clifton Orthodontist Two Thumbs Up!

Jessica is a fifteen-year-old sophomore here in Clifton, New Jersey. She is a very active athlete – she plays on her school’s soccer team – and she wanted a smile that would give her confidence and style everywhere she went! She was suffering from gaps between her teeth, which troubled her and made her feel self-conscious while talking and smiling. Her dentist let her know about the local, experienced orthodontists at Diamond Braces Clifton New Jersey, and soon she had scheduled a consultation. Dr. John Castronova was assigned as her consulting doctor, and he wasted no time creating a treatment plan for Jessica’s unique diagnosis.

Jessica chose metal braces, for their effective results – and for the colorful rubber bands, a big hit with our stylish teenage patients. Soon, she had her braces bonded, and she was on her way closing the gaps, with careful supervision from Dr. Castronova.

Now, after two years of wearing braces, de-bonding has arrived, and Jessica is finally thrilled with her smile. There are no gaps between her teeth, and her smile is full of confidence and joy.

Jessica says, “I am very happy with my results.” Her favorite part about our Diamond Braces office is the staff. She even left the following comment: “Thank you Diamond Braces. Diamond Braces is the best orthodontic office in Clifton and the whole New Jersey State.” Wow! Thank you, Jessica! We surely loved having you around. It is always great to have patients who think highly of our work. Diamond Braces New Jersey is committed to providing AAA orthodontic care to all our local patients, to keep everyone smiling for years to come.

See you on the soccer field, Jessica – your radiant smile will be visible even on the sidelines, where we’ll be cheering for you!