After Botched Braces at Another Orthodontist, Dinabel Is Thrilled with Her Invisalign Teen Upgrade at Diamond Braces!

Dinabel has just had her Invisalign debonding – her attachments came off and she was fitted for a retainer. Excited about her fresh new, healthy smile, Dinabel and her mom Alicei were happy to talk with us about Dinabel’s Invisalign Teen experience! 

Dinabel is 17 and a senior in high school. She’s excited to have her Invisalign off – and she’s loving the results! We caught up with her and her mom at Diamond Braces Clifton in New Jersey

This is actually Dinabel’s second time around with orthodontics – she first went to a different office for metal braces. Unfortunately, that office didn’t provide the expected results and she and her mom were dissatisfied with the results. “The process felt rushed,” she told us. When she went home with her retainers, it quickly became clear that her teeth weren’t where she wanted them. 

Then her mom remembered Diamond Braces! Her son had actually been treated here, but it had been several years ago. They live in New York now, but Alicei loved the Diamond Braces Clifton team so much that she decided to bring Dinabel all the way here! They both think it was worth it. 

For her second round of treatment, Dinabel chose Invisalign Teen, which is specially-optimized for growing mouths. Invisalign was great, Dinabel tells us, and extremely easy. “They’re easy to keep clean,” she says. “I just brushed them every day with toothpaste like I brushed my teeth.” She liked that they were easy to maintain, comfortable to wear, and still allowed her to eat whatever she wanted. 

And this busy family loves that they never have to wait too long to visit! At the other office, Alicei tells us, the visits would often take up to 2 hours; at Diamond Braces, they are usually done in 15 minutes. 

Dinabel is a senior in high school, and she’s feeling nervous and excited about graduating this year! She’s definitely planning on going to college, so she’s looking forward to receiving acceptance letters in the mail. She’s potentially interested in a career in law, so she knows a beautiful smile will benefit her professional life! 

Thanks for checking in, Dinabel and Alicei – congrats on your beautiful, new smile, and good luck with college!