This Staten Island Student is Pleased with Her Same-Day Start Invisalign Teen Treatment!

Jenny is having a great day: she just came into Diamond Braces Staten Island for her consultation for Invisalign Teen, and due to the health of her teeth and the specifics of her case, she was able to start treatment the same day! Everyone, patient and doctor alike, is happy when they can get treatment started quickly. That means a beautiful, healthy smile is on its way! 

Not every patient can be a same-day start: some may need further consultation with dentists to address issues with teeth. But Diamond Braces orthodontists attempt to get people started quickly whenever they can, because we know people are excited to work towards their great smile! 

Same-day starts are a great way to kickstart the treatment process. Braces treatment can also begin the same day, including the actual bonding process! Since Invisalign clear aligners must be custom-designed, Invisalign patients start with Invisalign iTero scanning and medical photos and receive their aligners shortly afterwards. 

Invisalign Teen is a specialized Invisalign product designed for growing adolescent mouths. It uses the same technology as traditional Invisalign, but optimizes the materials and method to create a beautiful smile with healthy, lifelong results.

Jenny is excited to begin her clear aligner treatment to achieve her dream smile! “It was actually all way easier than I expected,” she tells us. “I was a little worried about what would happen, but they were so good and I wasn’t scared anymore.” She’s not happy with her teeth, since she hasn’t started treatment, which is why she didn’t want to smile for the photo. But she promises, when her treatment is over, we’ll get a great picture of her healthy, beautiful teeth and sunny smile! 

Jenny knew she wanted Invisalign Teen instead of braces; she thinks it’ll be more comfortable, and easier to clean. She’s glad to still be able to eat all foods by taking out the aligners while she eats. It has the same impact as braces, so she figured it was a great choice – plus, many people get a clear retainer after braces, so it’s the same treatment either way! 

She and her dad got a recommendation for Diamond Braces from a family friend. They’ve both been very pleased with her experience today. There can be lots of choices for orthodontic care in New York, so we’re glad they could find an office they loved.

Jenny’s in 11th grade on Staten Island. Her favorite subject is history, since she finds learning about people to be very interesting. Right now, they’re studying the Civil War. After school, she has plans to become a pediatrician. Having a great smile with beautiful straight teeth is sure to set her up for success in the medical field, where a first impression is so important. We’re excited to celebrate a future great smile with this future doctor!