Victoria Made the Switch From Metal Braces to Invisalign, With Clear Results!

Victoria is nearly done with her Invisalign treatment, and thrilled with the results so far! She’s in the refinement stage – the finishing touches on Invisalign, where the orthodontist does the final adjustments before the treatment is finished. We caught up with her after a visit at Diamond Braces South Plainfield New Jersey.

Victoria was very pleased with her treatment experience, both with Invisalign and with Diamond Braces! She actually had started braces treatment at a different office, but found that the metal braces bothered her mouth and irritated her gums. She also missed being able to eat certain foods! She had the braces removed and decided to look for Invisalign options instead. 

A friend recommended Diamond Braces, and after reading the great reviews, she decided to give it a shot! The Edison office is close to her home in New Jersey, so she found it very convenient. 

She’s been really happy with Diamond Braces: the staff is well-organized, and the doctors and assistants answer all the questions the patients have. She never worries she’s missing something. 

She genuinely enjoyed Invisalign treatment, much more than she expected! In fact, she became so used to the clear aligners that when they’re not on, she feels like something in her mouth is missing! 

Victoria works as an accountant and knew that her professional life would be improved by getting her teeth straightened. She felt shy to smile, due to her crooked treeth and overbite. Luckily Diamond Braces is very experienced in treating overbites, and the orthodontist was able to correct Victoria’s smile. Now she feels more confident, at work and everywhere else! 

She recommends Invisalign to anyone who needs orthodontic care. “Go with Invisalign,” she says with a smile. “It does the same work as braces, but more convenient – you get used to it faster, it doesn’t irritate your gums or your teeth.” 

Victoria is excited to be almost done with treatment, and her smile is already looking great! We’re excited to celebrate when she’s all the way through and her beautiful Diamond Braces smile is for life!