He Was Reluctant at First, But Medley’s Loving His Smile By Spring Valley Orthodontist

Medley is a local eighth-grader in Spring Valley, New York. He stays busy with a long football season and studying for his favorite subject, math – but he and his dad managed to find time to come to Diamond Braces Spring Valley, so Medley could get his teeth straightened. Now, the results speak for themselves!

Medley’s grinning ear to ear now, but he was initially not very excited about getting braces. Luckily, Dr. Martin Rabinovich took up the case, and explained all the details of orthodontic care, and why they would pay off in the long run. Once Medley was on board with his treatment, he proved to be an excellent patienttaking expert care of his braces at home with regular brushing and flossing.

Three years later, he’s all about braces treatment! He’s thrilled with the results and was glad to catch his grin in the mirror. “People will walk by and say, I look good!” We couldn’t agree more, Medley.

Medley’s original reluctance is pretty common for young patients. One of the things our Diamond Braces orthodontists are extremely skilled with is explaining the benefits of treatment in ways our younger patients can understand. As Dr. Rabinovich explains, older teens and adults often come in for treatment on their own – they are uncomfortable with their smile and want to see results with braces or Invisalign.

For younger patients, they may be dragged to the office by their parents, and don’t really understand why straightening teeth will benefit their health, their confidence. That’s where an expert orthodontist can play an important role, by explaining all the ways they will enjoy their healthy, straight smile, to bring a younger patient on board for treatment! After all, caring for your metal braces at home is an important part of the treatment, so it’s important that the young patient stays on top of their care, too!

Thanks to Medley’s expert orthodontist in Spring Valley, NY, he’ll be smiling for years to come.