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Braces & Invisalign

Starts as low as $0 Down and $104/mo*

SMILIFY Expedited Invisalign Treatment Option

$2800 for qualified patients*

  • Insurance Plans Accepted
  • 0% Financing Options*
  • Low Flexible Payment Plans*
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  • Dr. Daniel Berant, License # 061578
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  • Dr. Priscila Silva, License # 059312

Reasons You’ll Love Us

Choosing a beautiful smile is easy – but insurance can be complicated! Don’t worry, Diamond Braces has you covered. We accept most orthodontic coverage insurance and are happy to answer all your questions. We’ll be here to help every step of the way on your journey towards smile joy.

Meet Dr. Eliot Zharnitsky, Top Orthodontist in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY

dr eliot zharnitsky diamondbraces orthodontist
Find world-class orthodontic care, right around the corner in Sheepshead Bay! Dr. Eliot Zharnitsky – or Dr. Z, as he’s known around the office, has years of experience treating kids, teens, and adults with accessible and affordable braces & Invisalign. He’s a licensed, experienced orthodontist, with expertise in all forms of orthodontic care. He’s proud to be a certified Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider, putting him in the top 1% of Invisalign providers nationwide. He’s helped hundreds of patients in Sheepshead Bay achieve happy, healthy, beautiful smiles, right here in the sunny Diamond Braces office on Avenue Z. Dr. Zharnitsky is thrilled to be a part of the Diamond Braces team in New York, helping Brooklyn families on their smile journeys for a lifetime of health and happiness. Schedule a consultation and meet Dr. Z today!

The Best Orthodontic Care in the Heart of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY

Diamond Braces is dedicated to the belief that healthy, happy smiles are for everyone, and that cost should never get between you and the smile you deserve. We’re proud to offer accessible, affordable braces and Invisalign for kids, teens, and adults of all ages throughout the Sheepshead Bay community, right here in Brooklyn, New York. We offer state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge technology, including digital x-rays, iTero scanning, and medical-grade braces products. We’re proud to be certified Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers, with access to the industry’s best clear aligner therapy and exclusive, patented technology clinically proven to get you smiling faster and with more precision. And with prices up to 30% lower than the national average,* most insurance plans accepted, and flexible monthly payment plans,* we offer family-friendly braces and Invisalign for budget-friendly prices.

State-of-the-Art Invisalign Treatments Around the Corner in Your Brooklyn Backyard

Looking for straight teeth the invisible way? Invisalign can help you achieve your dream smile, with all the convenience, comfort, and subtle appearance of clear aligners! Invisalign uses patented technology to align your teeth without the appearance of metal braces, for treatment that works with results you (can’t!) see! The world-class orthodontists at Diamond Braces in Sheepshead Bay are proud to be certified Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers, putting them in the top 1% of Invisalign providers nationwide. And with access to exclusive technology, like Invisalign SmartTrack™ aligner material, SmartForce™ attachments, and iTero® 3D scanning, you’re getting the world’s leading clear aligner care, right in your New York backyard. Get started with Invisalign from Diamond Braces for only $104/month – or expedited Invisalign for only $58/month!*

World-Class Braces Care from Elite New York Orthodontists in Sheepshead Bay

Get the smile you’ve been dreaming of, with state-of-the-art braces treatments from Diamond Braces right here in Sheepshead Bay! We offer a variety of effective, affordable braces treatments, including metal, ceramic, and Incognito® braces. We treat kids, teens, and adults of all ages with custom-designed treatment plans, carefully supervised by our experienced, licensed New York orthodontists. Using medical-grade metal alloys and premium ligatures, our braces are designed to perform throughout your treatment, to help you achieve a lifetime of healthy, happy beautiful smile joy! Use your insurance plan, plus your FSA, HSA, HRA, or LCFSA plan to pay for treatment – and with family discount plans, seasonal savings, and flexible monthly payment plans, we keep the whole family smiling at prices you’ll love. Start with a consultation to find out how braces treatment can straighten your teeth and set you on a smile journey to last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontic Care

Can I Book an Appointment Online with Dr. Z in Sheepshead Bay?

Yes! Diamond Braces in Sheepshead Bay offers online scheduling to begin your smile journey with braces or Invisalign. Our orthodontic team led by Dr. Z will be excited to meet you for your consultation, and you can fill out your patient information online to save time in the office. We also offer virtual consultations to get started with treatment from the comfort of your home. Book a consultation online or a virtual appointment online to get started with the Diamond Braces team in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY!

What is the Cheapest Price for Invisalign?

Diamond Braces Sheepshead Bay offers comprehensive, expedited Invisalign for only $2,650, with results in only 6 months.* This full-coverage clear aligner care includes all aligners, x-rays and 3D-imaging, and final retainers. Monthly payments begin at $0 down and only $58/month.* Our traditional Invisalign treatments begin at $0 down and $104/month.* Our Diamond Braces Treatment Coordinators at the Avenue Z office will help you find the best price and develop a payment plan to help you pay for your treatment. Use your insurance, as well as FSA and HSA plans to save money up-front. And with flexible monthly savings plans, seasonal discounts, and family plans, you’re sure to find a price to love with Invisalign from Diamond Braces in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY!

Do the Orthodontists at Diamond Braces Take Insurance?

Diamond Braces in Sheepshead Bay, New York, is pleased to accept most insurance plans with orthodontic coverage. Our expert Treatment Coordinators in Sheepshead Bay will help you determine what your insurance plan covers, and how to use it to pay for your braces or Invisalign. Using insurance can help you save big on orthodontic care – but insurance providers don’t cover all orthodontic companies, especially mail-order aligner brands. Luckily, Diamond Braces Brooklyn has the expertise and accreditation that insurance providers look for when it comes to covering orthodontic care.

What is the Cheapest Price for Braces?

You can afford braces treatment! Diamond Braces is proud to offer world-class metal and ceramic braces to our Sheepshead Bay families in Brooklyn with seriously competitive pricing. Braces treatments begin at $0 down and only $86/month.* You can use your insurance to pay for braces treatment – our Treatment Coordinators in our Avenue Z office will help you figure out what your insurance covers and also take care of all the billing. Plus, with back-to-school savings, seasonal promotions, and family discount plans, you’re sure to find prices you’ll love with braces treatment from Diamond Braces in New York.

Do I Need to See an Orthodontist for Invisalign?

Yes, Invisalign is available only in partnership with a licensed, experienced orthodontist, in an accredited practice with access to the highest-quality technology. Diamond Braces’ Sheepshead Bay orthodontist Dr. Z is proud to be a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider, in the top 1% of Invisalign doctors nationwide. Don’t risk the health of your smile with off-brand mail-order aligners from tele-dentists: get Invisalign from experienced, licensed orthodontists with years of experience, exclusive technology, and state-of-the-art Invisalign materials.

What is a Monthly Cost for Braces or Invisalign?

Diamond Braces Sheepshead Bay proudly offers some of New York’s most competitive prices for braces & Invisalign. We are committed to offering world-class care for affordable prices designed for Brooklyn families like yours. Braces treatments begin at $0 down and only $86/month.* Invisalign begins as low as $0 down and $104/month,* or expedited Invisalign for only $56/month.*

Is there a Faster Alternative to Invisalign?

Looking for smile results, fast? Consider Smilify, expedited Invisalign from Diamond Braces Sheepshead Bay with results in only 6 months! This exclusive treatment is only $2,650* and includes comprehensive invisible braces care from Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers in the top 1% of orthodontists nationwide. Pay only $58/month for clear aligner therapy that gets you smiling fast!* Find out if you qualify for Smilify from Diamond Braces.

Is There a Cheaper Clear Aligner Brand Than Invisalign?

Invisalign is clinically proven to provide the most precision in straightening teeth, with faster results and longer-lasting smiles. Mail-order aligner brands offer treatment for deceptively low prices, but don’t be fooled: these prices omit many necessary parts of effective treatment, including x-rays, attachments, and final retainers. The final price is much higher, and the results can be ineffective or even permanently damage your teeth. Invisalign by Dr. Z in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY is competitively priced – expedited treatment begins at $0 down and $58/month* – and includes state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge, patented Invisalign technology, for faster results and smiles built to last.

Can I Get Braces for Free?

For qualifying patients, certain braces treatment may be covered entirely by insurance. Diamond Braces Sheepshead Bay is proud to partner with most insurance providers to use orthodontic coverage to cover a portion of all of braces and Invisalign treatment. Our Treatment Coordinators at the Avenue Z office can help you determine whether your case is covered by insurance, and will take care of all billing directly, saving you time and energy, while you focus on your beautiful, healthy smile!