Stamford Teen, Future Marine, Shows Off His Post-Braces Grin!

This hip teenager was on his way out after finishing braces treatment at Diamond Braces Stamford, Connecticut – we caught him right before he left, ready to show off his great smile with the world!

Yusufjon feels great after his debonding, which is the final orthodontic stage for braces removal. He had braces for about 2 years, but he’s already settled back into life without braces!

He didn’t mind getting his treatment: he knew he needed help fixing his smile, because his upper and lower jaw were misaligned. His parents were supportive of his choice to get braces, and he worked hard to take care of them throughout his treatment while the orthodontist straightened his teeth.

Did it hurt? Not really, he says. “At the beginning, they felt a little tight, but after a few days it was totally fine.” He was carefully to avoid hard foods like candy and eating big fruits like apples to keep his braces intact.

Yusufjon is a senior in high school now, and he was glad to finish his treatment before finishing school. What’s his plan for next year? “I’m planning on joining the military to be a Marine,” He tells us. He definitely looks the part of an elite soldier already, with his winning smile! We wish him luck in his future military career.

Yusufjon thinks everyone should work hard to be the best version of themselves that they can be, and braces can help you do that. “No matter how you look, it’s good to be perfect!” Yusufjon tells us. He’s certainly on his way with his flawless, straight teeth.

What’s he going to do now that his braces are off? Yusufjon smiles – nothing ruffles this Connecticut teen. “Continue with my day,” he says. And then, with a nod, he’s off, to enjoy his post-braces grin!

Thanks for checking in, Yusufjon. Congrats on your new, winning smile!