Victoria's Smile Win Thanks to Clifton Orthodontist

Local New Jersey senior Victoria loves to read and write: she’s got big plans for college next year, but she made time in her busy senior year for an important pre-college task: straightening her teeth!

Last year, she met with Clifton orthodontist Dr. Lorraine Brenner, who did a thorough consultation and devised an effective treatment plan for Victoria’s case. Victoria was interested in metal braces, since she liked the rubber bands and also that the treatment would be predictable and effective.

The team at Diamond Braces Clifton New Jersey did not waste any time getting Victoria’s braces bonded to her teeth, and soon they were already shifting into their correct position!

Victoria was an A-class patient, always making sure she understood the treatment regimen and how to properly care for her braces. Thanks to her studious attention to her care, excellent oral hygiene, and never missing an appointment, her braces treatment stayed right on track, following the custom care plan devised by her expert doctor, Dr. Lorraine Brenner. Sure enough, she finished treatment right on time, a little over a year later!

Victoria’s successful treatment is a testament to the importance of caring for your braces at home! Dr. Brenner praised Victoria for her careful dedication to the treatment: “We can always tell when patients take the at-home portion of care seriously,” she explained. “You see the difference when they don’t.”

Victoria’s braces are now off, and she’s all smiles at the Clifton office! She thanked the team for their hard work, and listened carefully to instructions for the retention phase of her treatment, where she’ll wear a retainer to keep the results in place. We know she’ll be as dedicated to her retainer as she was her braces care. And with the amazing results achieved by the Clifton New Jersey team, she’ll be smiling all through college!

No matter where you get treatment across our Diamond Braces New Jersey offices, you can be sure you have a team supporting your smile every step of the way.