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Choosing a beautiful smile is easy - but insurance can be complicated! Don’t worry, Diamond Braces has you covered. We accept most orthodontic coverage insurance and are happy to answer all your questions. We’ll be here to help every step of the way on your journey towards smile joy.

Amazing and Affordable Braces and Invisalign Treatment Near You in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY!

Diamond Braces is headed to the lake! Our new office in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY is perfectly placed for busy parents with kids and working professionals to stop in and start working towards their Diamond smile. Right off Portion Rd. in the Lake Shore Plaza shopping center, Diamond Braces’ new location in Lake Ronkonkoma is right in the middle of everything. Whether you’re looking for groceries at Shop Rite, local delicacies at the nearby restaurants, or hitting GNC for your workout supplements, Lake Shore Plaza has something for you.

Choosing the Best Orthodontist for You in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

When considering orthodontic treatment, it’s important to make sure your provider is experienced, licensed, and cognizant of your needs as a patient and as a person. At Diamond Braces, we do more than just move teeth – we educate patients on proper care for their mouths to ensure they receive a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. We believe orthodontic care shouldn’t just be affordable, but accessible as well. “Accessible” doesn’t just mean multiple locations – though we have plenty throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut! Accessible means explaining how braces and Invisalign clear aligners work, how to best maintain them, and what that means for your body. Our doctors will make sure that you and your family understand these orthodontic appliances and set you on the right path towards complete orthodontic health. Don’t worry about our bonafides, either – our doctors have decades of experience and are Diamond Plus Invisalign providers, meaning they’re in the top 1 percent of all Invisalign doctors across the country.

Leading Braces Provider Comes to Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Orthodontic care is a key component of overall health. Straightened teeth can assist with digestion, speaking, self-esteem, and more – which can lead to a lifetime of healthiness and happiness. Braces are the most tried-and-true method of straightening teeth, done by pulling teeth into proper position using brackets and metal wire. At given intervals, the doctor will tighten the wire to increase the force used to adjust the teeth and may recommend the use of rubber bands or other tools to guide teeth into proper position. Although a bit slower than other orthodontic treatment methods, braces can treat even the most complex cases that the others just can’t. And, after all, slow and steady wins the race! Because we believe in affordability just as much as accessibility, a Diamond Braces treatment plan using traditional braces costs about 30 percent less than other providers,* in some cases as low as $86 per month,* and includes all supplementary scans, office visits, emergency care, and adjustments. We also offer flexible payment plans, $0 down plans, 0 percent financing, and take most insurances. It’s just another way Diamond Braces can save Lake Ronkonkoma patients money on their orthodontic care.

Lake Ronkonkoma Patients Can Receive Invisalign Clear Aligner Therapy Too!

For Lake Ronkonkoma patients who prefer their orthodontic care to be a little less noticeable, Diamond Braces offers Invisalign clear aligners! These aligners are nearly invisible, removable, and more comfortable than traditional braces. You can pop them out to eat and drink your favorite foods, so you no longer have to choose between a straighter smile and candy, popcorn, pretzels, or your other beloved gooey treats. Invisalign aligners have even more benefits, including:
  • Faster treatment time compared to braces
  • More comfortable than braces
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • More predictable teeth movement
  • And more!
Just like our plans with traditional braces, our Invisalign treatment plans are less expensive than other providers, thanks in part to our status as a Diamond Plus provider. Since we see more patients than other providers, we can pass along bigger savings to our patients! Like our braces plans, our Invisalign treatment plans are subject to specialized payment plans, including $0 down, 0 percent financing,* and we take most insurances.

Teen and Pediatric Orthodontic Patients Can Come to Diamond Braces in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY!

Need orthodontic care for your child? Look no further than Diamond Braces in Lake Ronkonkoma. Whether they’re a fit for braces or corresponding Invisalign aligners, our kid-friendly doctors will work with your child to build good oral care habits and set them up for the rest of their lives. If your child would thrive better in braces, our doctors will help calm their nerves and show them that orthodontic care isn’t scary at all while educating them on proper maintenance methods and what to do while wearing braces. Plus, they’ll even let your child pick out their favorite colors for their band colors, giving them a bit of personalized flair with their orthodontic care. We also offer Invisalign Teen and Invisalign First treatment for good candidates to wear aligners – perfect for selfie-crazed kids who want to look good while straightening their smile. Invisalign Teen and Invisalign First aligners are specially designed for growing mouths in need of orthodontic therapy. They’re also removable for snacks or meals – just make sure your child wears them for the prescribed amount of time! If you’re worried about compliance, your child can download the My Invisalign app to track their progress and show off their straightened smile to their doctor and fellow Invisalign Teen patients across the country.

Diamond Braces is the Exclusive Home of Smilify Clear Aligners in Lake Ronkonkoma

Smilify clear aligner therapy is available exclusively at Diamond Braces! This means Lake Ronkonkoma patients who present with minor orthodontic issues can receive expedited clear aligner therapy for only $2,650!* These aligners are made from the same material as Invisalign clear aligners, meaning they’re just as flexible, comfortable, and predictable – giving you a Diamond smile in a shorter period of time than other orthodontic methods! Plus, the costs for your full set of aligners, retainers, and all the office work is included in this low price – what a steal!

Come Visit Diamond Braces in Lake Ronkonkoma Today!

If you’re ready to start your orthodontic journey, consider visiting Diamond Braces! Our affordable, accessible, and amazing service is just what your family needs to help straighten smiles and improve oral – and overall – health. Give us a call at (631) 600-0202 or visit us at 601 Portion Rd, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 to get started.