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Your Smile Journey Starts Here

Your Smile Journey Starts Here

At West Fordham Road, your smile journey begins the moment you step through our doors and are greeted by our friendly Treatment Coordinators. As the welcoming faces of our practice, they're here to ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional. From scheduling appointments to answering your questions and beyond, our dedicated team is committed to making your smile journey smooth and stress-free. Take a moment to say hello and discover the warm hospitality that awaits you at our front desk. We can't wait to assist you on your path to a confident, beautiful smile!

Experience Our Comfy Waiting Area

Experience Our Comfy Waiting Area

Step into comfort at our waiting area in West Fordham Road. Sit back, unwind, and enjoy the serene atmosphere while you prepare for your appointment. We've created a welcoming space where you can relax and recharge before your smile journey begins. Your comfort is our priority.

Discover Our Consult Room At West Fordham Road

Discover Our Consult Room At West Fordham Road

Step into our Consult Room at West Fordham Road– a tranquil haven where your smile dreams take shape. Here, our dedicated team of orthodontic experts listens attentively to your concerns, goals, and aspirations, crafting personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. With state-of-the-art technology and a compassionate approach, we empower you to make informed decisions about your smile journey. Relax, unwind, and embark on a transformative experience as you explore the possibilities in our Consult Room.

Step Into Your Smile Journey At West Fordham Road

Step Into Your Smile Journey At West Fordham Road

Welcome to the heart of our practice – our state-of-the-art treatment area at West Fordham Road. Here, cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care as we work tirelessly to craft the smiles of your dreams. From initial consultations to final adjustments, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. Take a peek behind the scenes and witness firsthand the expertise and precision that go into creating your perfect smile. Your journey to a radiant smile starts here!

Explore Our Advanced X-Ray Technology

Explore Our Advanced X-Ray Technology

Unlock the power of precision with our state-of-the-art X-Ray Machine at West Fordham Road. Designed to provide comprehensive insights into your oral health, our advanced technology ensures accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. With high-resolution imaging capabilities and minimal radiation exposure, you can trust that your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Step into our imaging room and experience the difference of cutting-edge technology in your smile journey.

Reasons You’ll Love Us

Choosing a beautiful smile is easy - but insurance can be complicated! Don’t worry, Diamond Braces has you covered. We accept most orthodontic coverage insurance and are happy to answer all your questions. We’ll be here to help every step of the way on your journey towards smile joy.

Affordable Braces & Invisalign Near You in Jerome Park

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth without disrupting the appearance of your smile. Rather than a fixed appliance with metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses removable, clear plastic aligners the fit snugly over your top and bottom teeth, and look nearly invisible when worn. Invisalign aligners offer a subtle look that many teens and adults love, because it avoids the appearance of braces. There is no complicated cleaning routine and zero food restrictions – just remove to eat and drink, and to clean and soak! Learn about Invisalign.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Rather than using metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a removable aligner design that blends seamlessly with your smile. The clear aligners are transparent and made of comfortable, biocompatible SmartTrack™ material which is uniquely designed for orthodontic treatment. You’ll wear the top and bottom aligners for 22 hours a day, removing only to eat and drink anything but water and to brush your teeth and clean the aligners. Each set is custom designed by your orthodontist for your unique smile and treatment regimen, and you’ll wear each set for 1-2 weeks before switching to the next. Over the course of your treatment – generally 6 to 36 months – each set will safely and gradually shift your teeth into the correct positions.

Invisalign Pros & Cons


  • Clear aligners are discreet and barely visible when wor
  • Removable clear plastic aligners are easy to brush and soak for cleaning
  • Remove aligners for meals, and eat anything you like!
  • SmartTrack™ material is biocompatible and extremely comfortable – no poking and scratching wires
  • Fewer orthodontic visits with Invisalign
  • No permanent appliances means less possibility of staining teeth
  • Easily whiten teeth using clear aligners


  • Prices may be higher than braces
  • Complex cases sometimes require both braces and Invisalign for best results
  • Aligners must be worn for 22 hours a day to be effective
  • Possibility of losing or breaking removable aligners
Curious about the differences between braces & Invisalign? Get a side-by-side breakdown on Invisalign vs. braces.

Invisalign Cost in Jerome Park, The Bronx NY

Invisalign costs vary from about $2,650 to $9,000.* Why the wide variety in prices? It depends on the severity of your dental diagnosis, the experience of your orthodontic provider, and the region where you seek treatment. Everyone’s case is unique, so treatment lengths and prices will range considerably. There are many ways to save on Invisalign! A more experienced doctor with a higher volume of Invisalign cases may offer lower prices due to lower costs per patient. Find highly-ranked Invisalign providers, such as Diamond or Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers, which are in the top percentage of orthodontists for Invisalign experience and skill. Are you in Jerome Park and looking for affordable, cost-effective Invisalign aligners? You may be able to use your insurance to help pay for Invisalign. And look for providers who offer seasonal savings, back-to-school promotions, or low monthly payment plans with no interest in order to achieve the best prices for your clear aligner care. Learn more about Invisalign cost.

Types of Braces

Did you know? There is a wide variety of braces treatments, each with unique benefits! Metal braces are the ones most people are familiar with. This is the original form of braces treatment. It uses metal brackets connected by a thin and flexible wire. The orthodontist carefully adjusts the wire to slowly move your teeth into their correct positions. Colorful rubber bands hold the brackets in place, and they are a fun accessorizing option for kids and adults of all ages! Metal braces tend to be the lowest cost braces option. Ceramic or clear braces use a similar form of technology, using brackets and a wire, but instead of metal brackets, the brackets are tooth-colored or clear. The wire can also be tooth colored as well for a seamless, discreet appliance that blends with your smile. Clear or ceramic braces are preferred by many adult patients who want the effectiveness of metal braces with a more subtle appearance. Lingual or Incognito® braces are also a popular option, although they may not work for all patients. Lingual brackets are connected by a wire just like metal braces, but they are placed on the inside of the teeth, so they are hidden from the outside. Again, lingual braces don’t work for all patients, so talk to your orthodontist if you are interested! Learn more about all braces treatments and to find your best orthodontic options.

Cost of Braces in Jerome Park, The Bronx NY

Braces range in cost from $1,700 to $6,000.* These prices vary depending on several factors: the complexity and severity of your dental diagnosis, the orthodontist who treats you, and the region of the country where you seek care. Some treatments will take longer due to the natural complications of your specific case, and longer treatment lengths will cost more. In addition, certain dental issues may require specific interventions that can drive up costs. Look for orthodontic providers that accept your insurance plans – many state-subsidized insurance plans offer full or partial coverage for metal braces for children and young adults. Find out if your Bronx orthodontist offers payment plans and what kind of savings plans they offer. There may be many ways to save money on braces costs in the Bronx – don’t be afraid to look around New York for the best orthodontic provider at the best price!

How to Choose an Orthodontist

Looking for a quality orthodontist near you in Jerome Park? Diamond Braces is here to help, conveniently located at 27 West Fordham Road! We offer affordable, reliable braces and Invisalign services for kids and adults, all at 30% less than the national average. Our offices are frequently praised for our world-class friendly customer service, our hard-working assistants and our expert orthodontists! Whether it’s Invisalign for your smile or braces for your teenager, Diamond Braces has the skill and the attractive prices to keep you smiling throughout treatment and beyond! With a Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee,* your smile is in great hands with Diamond Braces Jerome Park. We work hard to provide you with affordable, effective orthodontic care that really works. You don’t need to travel wide and far for world-class braces & Invisalign: amazing, effective, and affordable care is right here in Jerome Park! Get started with a consultation and find out about how our team can help you smile.